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Pajiba Love Up All Night

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 16, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 16, 2012 |

Greetings and salutations to my wee little night owls and antipodean early birds. It’s the first ever (and possibly only) Pajiba Love UP All Night. Why? Because we like messing with your tiny minds, that’s why. And, to mess with you further, I’m going to start with some sports links. (I KNOW!) Turns out the San Francisco 49ers are in it this year. That’s sort of a shocker, donchaknow. Here’s our quarterback, the dashing Alex Smith, giving a loving spoonful of sympathy to the the Saints. (SFist)

Speaking of football, here’s a frilly little treat for your next game. But, remember Pajidans, laces out. (Neatorama)

Speaking of artistic snacks, check out these rad international flags comprised of favorite foods from the region. Any guesses as to what would make up the U.S. flag? I’m betting on corn syrup and Miracle Whip. (The Kitchn)

And, finally, my feisty foodies, have you heard of “Bone Luging”? As with most exclusive and expensive food things, it’s totally disgusting and involves sucking marrow and then alcohol out of a bone. So, yum, here’s a tumblr of people sucking their little hearts out! (Bone Luge)

Speaking of suck, the inclusion of The Three Musketeers on Tarantino’s favorite films of 2011 list makes me question everything I know about Tarantino. Click through for the complete (often baffling) list. (The Quentin Tarantino Archives)
I’ve already got a spot reserved on my Favorite Films of 2012 list for Prometheus. Premature? Maybe. But I trust in Fassbender, Elba, Rapace and Theron. Speaking of Rapace, there’s a new image of her attached to this fantastic interview with writer Damon Lindelof. Lindelof gives some tasty insight into the look of the film and, if you look real close, nerds, you’ll see a treat lurking behind Rapace. (LA Times)

Some clever boots has come up with Vintage Movie Posters of modern films. (Behance)

Speaking of alternate casting, here is the cast of “Community” in the brightest timeline all gussied up as X-Men. Well, of-f*cking-course Annie is Kitty Pryde, but I enjoy what they did there with Troy and Jeff. (Avivor)

Word on the street (the mean streets of my apartment) is that Jay-Z has officially renounced the word “b*tch” in honor of his daughter’s birth. He did it in poem form, you guys. Awww. (NME)

Okay, there might maybe be a little controversy as to whether Jay-Z actually wrote that poem. Speaking of misquoted men, it’s Martin Luther King Day and, in honor of that great man, here are 7 lesser-known King quotes. (GOOD)

Finally, of all the videos humming around the internets today, this is my favorite.

Hello from ant1mat3rie on Vimeo.

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