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"There's a Light in the Darkness of Everybody's Life"

By Genevieve Burgess | Pajiba Love | April 16, 2013 |

By Genevieve Burgess | Pajiba Love | April 16, 2013 |

I hope all of you from Boston are safe. I know I’ve heard from all my friends in the area, and I also hope that any of you with loved ones in the area have also heard from them. Here’s a link to the Red Cross if you’re interested in donating to help with the relief effort. (Red Cross)

If you’re in Boston and want to donate blood, here’s a list of upcoming blood drives with information on how to register to donate. Yesterday the Red Cross said they had all the blood they needed, but I’m sure a lot of it got used. (Red Cross)

For smaller gestures, Reddit’s sub-reddit “Random Acts of Pizza” is working to send pizza to runners, hospitals, firehouses, etc in Boston. If you’d like to get involved with that, there’s plenty of information here. ( Reddit/Random Acts of Pizza)

Some people have ended up in the spotlight thanks to images in the media. At least one of those people, Bill Iffrig, who can be seen falling down in the footage of the initial explosion and lying on the ground in front of police officers in photos, has given interviews to let people know that he is fine. (Deadspin)

There’s also some preliminary reports that the young man in the wheel chair missing both his legs (you know the image if you saw it) is stable. I can’t find official word, but here’s a link to a Reddit thread with some information. (Reddit)

While what happened yesterday was terrible, there have been some amazing stories of people helping others in the midst of the disaster. Deadspin has a photo of a Patriots player helping out some women, and the Atlantic Wire has a full collection of photos, tweets, and accounts of how good people were to each other under the worst of circumstances. (Atlantic Wire)

Also in good news, some wonderful person bought the domain to keep it out of the hands of conspiracy nuts. (Boston Marathon “Conspiracy”)

I hope everyone remembers, in the wake of this, that while something horrible happened that what came out of it was proof that people are better than we ever expect them to be. I’m sure that whoever committed this horrible act, their goal was absolutely NOT to prove that Americans are, by and large, good people who are willing to open their hearts and homes to strangers. But that’s what they did, and that’s what I’ll remember about yesterday. Just remember, like Patton Oswalt so eloquently said, “The good outnumber you, and we always will.” (Patton Oswalt)

If you’re looking for ways to remind yourself of how good people can be, Dustin put together a list of facts about Mr.Rogers to help get you through today. (Warming Glow)

In non-Boston related news, here’s an excellent flow chart of time travel in movies for those of you who are fans. I always end up in a terrible philosophical conundrum with myself over how the concept of “free will” fits with time travel but I think too much. (BuzzFeed)

Robert Downey Jr. did a typically excellent interview with GQ and reveals that unlike some of his fellow actors (cough*DiCaprio*cough) he’s not chasing that sweet Oscar ass. Good for you, buddy, (Celebitchy)

Do you want kittens? I want kittens. Lets have some kittens.

Oh, you’re more of a dog person? I can work with that too.

And an old one, but one that always makes me feel better about people: the “Where the Hell is Matt?” video from 2008.

Keep your heads up, everyone.

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