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By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | August 31, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | August 31, 2010 |

Here are the 19 most unintentionally terrifying children’s album covers. Is it just me or do adults not know the difference between “cute” and “scaring the shit out of kids”? Seriously, anybody in Canada remember those two horrid blue puppet monsters that told you not to put things in your mouth? GAH. (Cracked)

Just a reminder to everyone, but this is the final day to vote for AngryBlackLadyChronicles for the Black Weblog Awards for Best Humor, Best Writing and Blog To Watch. Okay thanks bye! (Black Weblog Awards)

Anybody out there ever wanted a sequel to War Games starring a Much Music VJ instead of Matthew Broderick? Well, here it is anyway, along with 21 other sequels you never wanted and will never watch. (A.V. Club)

Kate Gosselin is hoping to parlay her invite to the Emmys into an acting career on Mad Men. I don’t know; maybe if she got run over by a lawn mower during a drunken office party, this might fly, but for now? Hell to the fucking to the no. (popbytes)

What would television’s new fall lineup be without office sitcoms? Well, we wouldn’t have to suffer through Outsourced, for starters… (Screen Junkies)

Just so all you know, Amanda Fucking Palmer will be taking up hosting duties for America Repertory Theater’s showing of Cabaret. So if you’re in Cambridge, MA, I hate you right now. (Agent Bedhead)

I know The Emmys were two nights ago, but this live blogging from our own Courtney Enlow is pretty hilarious, so go and read it right goddamn now. Also: is it too late to change my porn name to Bucky Gunts? (Hobo Trashcan)

Alright, so by now we all know Paris got arrested for Cocaine possession because of course the stupid bitch did. But did you know she could go to jail for up to four years for it? The system works! (Celebslam)

Good: Dolph Lundgren has a new movie coming out (What? I like Dolph Lundgren.) Bad: It’s direct to DVD. But that’s okay because: Dolph Lundgren is still very, very man pretty. (The Flickcast)

Oh look, the cast for the next season of Dancing With The Washed-Up Has-Beens No One Cares About has been announced. Congratulations to all those who hit the Snooze button on their fifteen minutes of fame. (Celebitchy)

What do you do when Taylor Lautner sues you for failing to deliver his custom RV on time? Challenge him to a push-up contest to decide the winner! …What the fuck? Was this story written in Mad-Libs? (Dlisted)

Yesterday’s Primetime Emmy Quiz was more difficult than anticipated, so they’ve eased up a little today with a quiz on Sesame Street and Prisco’s own Great Muppet Quiz. (LitelySalted)

For absolutely no reason whatsoever, EEEEEEEEE! A kitten that looks like Kratos from God of War! (Unreality)

I know almost once a week I come on here with a link and say it’s the worst thing ever, but THIS is the worst thing ever. Some girl in Bosnia uploaded a video of herself gleefully throwing a bucket of screaming puppies into a river and it’s literally the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. The good news: 4Chan is on the case to find and ruin her. Yay for 4Chan! Puppy Killer must die! (Gawker)

Anyway, to cheer you up after that little piece of soul-crushing, here’s a dog dancing the merengue. Awwwww, look how happy she is! At least I think she’s a she. Thanks to Nimue!

Jeremy Feist is a freelance writer, maker of lovin’, and an average-everyday-sane-psycho. You can check his NSFW blog here, or email him here.

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