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The Canonization Of St. Xtina

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | November 30, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | November 30, 2010 |

It’s official people: Burlesque has been indoctrinated into the canon of really goddamn stupid but totally campy gay cult films. This is what happens when you take Christina Aguilera and Cher and dump a metrick fuckton of glitter fabulousness upon them! (Fourfour)

I’m sorry, did somebody say they wanted a crossover of Kick-Ass, Nemesis and Superior? No? Well too bad, here it is anyway because it’s awesome. (The Flickcast)

Alright, so Spanish GQ published some pictures of a nude model, which isn’t exactly news or anything. Until you realize the woman in question never actually posed nude and instead they just photoshopped her head onto some random naked chick’s body. Whoops! (Zelda Lily)

Ladies and gentlemen, apropos of absolutely nothing really, here is Matt Damon in a Snuggie. On a side note, you all now know what you have to get me for Christmas, so I expect one under my tree this year. (popbytes)

If you happen to be the person who leaked the Deadpool script online, 20th Century Fox would like to have a word with you. By which I mean they would like to take you to court to the tune of $15 Million. For fuck’s sake, Fox, you couldn’t have just asked politely? (Screen Junkies)

Something tells me there are probably a lot of you that like Rachel Maddow and alcohol, so you might enjoy seeing Rachel Maddow mix alcohol. (Towleroad)

An actor who appeared on Ugly Betty and Step Up 3D killed his mother with a sword because he thought that God was telling him that she was possessed by demons. Ho. Lee. Crap. (Yeeeah!)

So you know how athletes are always thanking God for letting them win, because apparently God has nothing better to do than fix sports games? Well apparently it works the opposite way to now, and you can now blame your terrible throws on God! WOOO! Zero accountability! (DeusExMalcontent)

A review, of sorts, for anyone interested in watching “The Gentleman’s League.” (Ugly Fours)

Apparently, someone out there is trying to save the legendary Shaq Fu game, which I really don’t think actually requires saving. It’s not like people are hunting Shaq Fu cartridges and turning them into scarves. (Unreality)

Somebody heard my prayers up there in heaven because they are now making alcoholic whipped cream. Whipped cream that gets you drunk. I just shed a tear of joy. (Yahoo!)

So good news, anyone who has an impressionable daughter! The Kardashians now have their own line of pre-paid credit cards for little girls! And just like regular credit cards, they come with plenty of hidden fees to make sure they screw over your daughters as best they can! (Evil Beet)

Remember kids: Drugs are bad, m’kay? However, grabbing a video camera and shooting someone dancing trippin’ balls? HYSTERICALLY FUNNY. (B-Side Blog)

It’s official: Dog and baby videos will never stop being totally goddamn adorable, so here’s another one to warm the cockles of your heart. Teeheehee, cockles…

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