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The Poutine: A Mix of Cheese, Fries, Gravy and Shame

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | July 30, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | July 30, 2010 |

Allow me to preface today’s Pajiba Love by bidding a fond (well, not very) farewell to Montreal, since tomorrow I’m moving my critically-acclaimed ass to Toronto. In honour of this, here are the best poutines in Montreal. Oh poutine, I’ll miss you most of all. (Montreal Poutine)

Here are the Top 10 Sexiest Companions from Dr. Who. Considering I don’t swing that way, my opinion on the matter doesn’t really count, but feel free to extol the many (and I do mean many) virtues of nerd titties in the comments. (Topless Robot)

I have five words for you (four if you consider two hyphenated words as one): MERINGUE-TOPPED CHOCOLATE CHUNK BARS. Thanks figgy, I just peed a little bit. (Godtopus Eats)

Here are the five sexiest Sandra Bullock roles. Even if you weren’t too hot on her in The Blind Side, admit it: You would hit that. You would hit that hard. (Unreality)

Ellen DeGeneres is ditching the pitchy, sinking ship that is American Idol. Whether this is because the show sucks or because Randy Jackson will probably eat her is something we will never know. (popbytes)

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but here’s a video of Steve Carell and Zach Galifianakis being funny TOGETHER. Our bitchiness can’t repel humour of that magnitude. (Why yes, I will use any opportunity to whip out an Admiral Ackbar reference. Why do you ask?) (Warming Glow)

Oh how nice, they finally gave Dirk Diggler a star on the Hollywood walk of fame! … Shut up, Mark Wahlberg will always be Dirk Diggler to me. Either that or Marky Mark. (Yeeeah!)

Dina Lohan is bitching about how her daughter is being treated like a common criminal. Which might have something to do with the fact that she stole a car and kidnapped the three people inside it while on a bender, which sorta makes her a common criminal. (Celebitchy)

Just in case you were wondering, Megan Fox is about as happy and excited for her replacement in Transformers 3: JFK vs. The Mooninites as you’d expect. And by that I mean she’s calling her a slut behind her back. (Celebslam)

Gwyneth Paltrow wants you all to know that she’s neither a corporate shill, nor an insufferable bitch. This message was brought to you by Coke Zero! Same Coke taste, but less likely to eat holes in your small instestines! (Agent Bedhead)

Oooooo, yay! Here’s the plot of Charlie St. Cloud as told by review blurbs. And yes, before you ask, this is the single whitest movie to ever white a white. (Film Drunk)

So Laurence Fishburne’s daughter, Montana, is pulling a Steven Daigle and going into porn in order to jump-start her career. Who’s willing to bet it’s going to be a Matrix parody? Either that or CSI. Both are timely. (Dlisted)

And finally, you know what’s better than Preacher Baby? Preacher Baby with subtitles. You’re welcome.

Jeremy Feist is a freelance writer, maker of lovin’, and an average-everyday-sane-psycho. You can check his sorta-NSFW blog here, or email him here.

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