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Personally, I'm A Fan Of The Reverse Light Cycle

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | August 27, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | August 27, 2010 |

Thanks to branded, are you or someone you know a hopeless nerd stuck fucking in the missionary position? Well, thanks to the Tron-a-Sutra, your sex life will never be boring again. Just remember to play safe: Use a firewall. (WonderHowTo)

Congrats go out to Dan Carlson for kicking ass in The Coen Brothers Quiz yesterday (did you expect anyone else?) and now it’s time for a Friends quiz! Yeah, I got 4/15. That’s what I get for never watching Friends. (Litely Salted)

Here are the 12 best Mystery Science Theater 3000 guest stars (Sha-la-la!) I was totally going into this like “Torgo better be number one,” and then he totally was and I felt delightfully nerdy (Sha-la-la!) (Topless Robot)

Here are 10 directors that seriously need to call it quits. Well of course M. Night Shyamalan is on the list (how could he NOT be?) but Rob Reiner? Is that guy still even making movies? (Screen Junkies)

Robert Downey Jr. and Alfonso Cuaron are teaming up for a new movie called Gravity, which is a tiny bit ironic because I know RDJ makes a lot of us go up instead of down. (The Flickcast)

Us Weekly decided to spread a rumour about how Naya Rivers (Santana from Glee) keyed and poured dog food all over Mark Salling’s (that would be Puck) Lexus. Only problem? He doesn’t have a Lexus and it never happened. Whoops. (popbytes)

Because it’s not enough to just play a bunch of awkward teenagers trying to make sense of their love lives, he will now be producing a show about an awkward teenager trying to make sense of his love life. (Cinematical)

HA! The Jersey Shore guys got hit with a pro-gay bumper sticker on their Escalade and they got all pissy about it. Oh whatever, go GTL or something. See if I give a shit. (Towleroad)

Ever wondered what exactly the hell was up with the buttons on Playstation controllers? Well, here are the answers. Say what you will, it still makes more sense than that fucking Move thing they’re coming out with. (Unreality)

Take this as a lesson, kids; nothing sells a movie like an upskirt shot! Machete? More like VADGE-ete! That’s right, I went there. (Celebitchy)

And in other Machete news, Lindsay Lohan’s role as a badass nun is getting some pretty positive reviews… from her cast mates. Which is sort of like those trophies they used to give out for “participation”. I won a lot of those trophies. (Agent Bedhead)

Oh look, Tila Tequila is still wearing bandaids for the cuts she got two weeks ago. Seriously; I got sliced open and even I didn’t have to wear bandages for the fucking long. Boo-goddamn-hoo. (Celebslam)

Here are the best F-bomb songs of all time. Great, now I’m gonna have Fuck The Pain Away stuck in my head all day… Suckin’ on my titties like you wantin’ me callin’ me… (Buzzfeed)

How’s this for embarrassment: One of the guys who got arrested as part of a terrorism investigation, tried out for Canadian Idol and failed miserably. Bonus: He sang Avril Lavigne’s Complicated. Oooooooo… (Dlisted)

It’s Genny’s aka Intern Rusty’s birthday today, and because I can, let’s all go read her Cannonball Read review of Many Waters. (Rusty’s Ventures)

And now, let’s take a strange and wondrous trip into the deepest recesses of jM’s subconscious…

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