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By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | August 26, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | August 26, 2010 |

I totally missed out on this, but a woman in the UK was caught on tape throwing a live cat into a trash can and closing the lid shut. That bitch. Anyway, she now has her own fake Twitter, and it’s pretty fucking funny. (Twitter)

The Litelysalted server got a massive upgrade last night, just in time for this Coen Brothers quiz that Dustin wrote with the Jibers in mind. (Coen Brothers Quiz)

The A.V. Club takes a look at what does and does not constitute a SPOILER ALERT. Personally, I’m a big believer in the idea that if an entire movie hinges on one specific plot twist, it probably sucked anyway. (A.V. Club)

Did you know that feminism destroyed masculinity, and that if you wear skinny jeans or drink lattes, you’re not a real man? Thanks, crazy lady who writes for a backwoods hick paper! (Zelda Lily)

Heidi “I AM NOT AN ANIMAL” Montag is tired of all the back-pain caused by her implants, and now she wants to get rid of her big boobs. Weird, I thought her divorce was already underway… (popbytes)

Time has announced they will be making a new version of their magazine, this one aimed at adults. No word on whether or not this version will be as un-fucking-readable as the original. (The Onion)

Did you know that Wesley Snipes was originally considered for LeVar Burton’s role in Star Trek? Which means in an alternate universe, Wesley Snipes would have been teaching us all the joy of reading while LeVar got busted by the IRS. (Gamma Squad)

Oh fuck you; TLC just greenlit another show about sextuplets. At this point, they should really just change their tagline to something like “TLC: Because your vagina really is a clown car!” (Warming Glow)

How big a C-U-Next-Tuesday is Naomi Campbell? Well, she will literally scream at her bodyguards in a restaurant until they go out and bring her her own bottle of Jamaican hot sauce because she doesn’t like the food. (Dlisted)

Good news everyone! You’ll be able to watch Justin Timberlake snort coke off the tits of a random actress in The Social Network. I swear to God, if I see the trailer one more time when I try to watch a movie, I will castrate Mark Zuckerburg with a shovel. (Film Drunk)

Because it wasn’t enough to scare the ever-loving-crap out of Chatroulette, the marketing team behind The Last Exorcism is now using adverts that show women having exorcisms that look like orgasms. (Agent Bedhead)

I’m not sure what London Fog is, but Christina Hendricks looks pretty goddamn amazing in it, so now I feel like I should go out and buy one of everything seen here. (Evil Beet)

Courtesy of Figgy, here’s a recipe for blueberry pie. Suck it, people who do not believe in delicious, delicious pie! (Godtopus Eats)

For those of you wondering if Mariah Carey is just fat or pregnant: Both! In unrelated news, Nick Cannon was seen staring into space mumbling about “No escape … No escape …” (Yeeeah!)

And for those of you who have never watched True Blood (guilty!) here’s the entire show in 60 seconds.

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