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Shut the F*ck Up, Cindy Lou Who

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | July 26, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | July 26, 2010 |

Taylor Momsen says she’s trying to reinvent and bring back Rock ‘n Roll, despite being on a major corporate record label and acting in a shitty CW drama about rich teenagers. Is it still illegal to curb-stomp a sixteen year old? (Celebitchy)

Here are six ways your office is literally killing you. Considering I worked 11 straight hours without break, food, or peeing yesterday while you guys are reading this on your work computers, y’all can cry me a fucking river. (Cracked)

Oh Jesus fucking wept … There’s a hotel that has it’s own Barbie-themed room, complete with stupid pink everything. Be forewarned though: If you let your daughter stay in this room, she will grow up to hate you and will probably end up in “Girls Gone Wild: Fort Lauderdale Sluts vol. 9274” or something. (Agent Bedhead)

Okay, if your husband wants you to get plastic surgery to look more like Kim Kardashian or else he’ll divorce you, THAT’S a dealbreaker, ladies. (Evil Beet)

Remember that girl who wasn’t allowed to go to her prom because she was a lesbian, and was then tricked to going to a completely different prom by herself? Well, she just one $35,000 in a settlement. HA! Suck it. (Zelda Lily)

Just when I lost all hope in Michael Cera ever being likable ever again, he showed up to Comic Con dressed as Captain America for a Scott Pilgrim panel. I think I can love again. (Film Drunk)

Here’s a gallery full of re-imagined versions of Calvin and Hobbes. Blessedly, Rule 34 is not in play, so your childhood innocence will remain intact and unraped. (Unreality)

Oooooo, yay! They’re making a prequel for Spartacus: Blood on the Sand, and you know what that means: More muscular, oiled up men wearing next to nothing. Your day just got better. (Flickcast)

I’ve been purposely ignoring Lindsay Lohan here, mostly because you guys are probably sick to death of her, and also because I want to avoid any more trolls, but would it be at all possible to stick Paris Hilton in jail too? I’m pretty sure she stabbed a hobo once. (popbytes)

In the epic battle of Kings of Leon versus massive amounts of pigeon shit, the pigeons won. They won HARD. Seriously, this is why no one likes birds. (Dlisted)

Here are the 10 best late night, post-pub movies. While I’ll give them props for Roadhouse, their lack of Shaun of the Dead leaves me with great disappointment. (Den of Geek)

As someone who was forced to suffer through Pride and Prejudice in cegep before dropping out, this made me giggle. Here’s “Jane Austen’s Fight Club”. Thanks Raz!

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