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Anyone Up For A Very Joel McHale Christmas?!

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | September 23, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | September 23, 2010 |

OH HOLY SHIT YES. Community is planning on doing a claymation Christmas episode this season, in the vein of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer. Oh my God yes, I’m so excited I just peed myself a little. Did you know there’s only 92 days until Christmas? Eeeeeeee! (The Flickcast)

Rumors are going around that if Studio Ghilbli’s next film doesn’t perform at the box office, the entire studio could be going down. So for the record here: Kevin James’ fat-people MMA film will probably rake in $100 Million domestic, while Spirited Away barely made $10 Million. Fuck all of you. (Cinematical)

I know most of you are still hurting after that clip of Katy Perry on Sesame Street, so to make it up to all of us, they decided to do a spoof of True Blood called True Mud to teach us all about things that rhyme. Sadly, there’s not naked Alexander Skarsgard, but it’s still pretty entertaining. (Screen Junkies)

Alright guys, here’s a quiz on elementary science. I got 13 out of 21 on this one, and if you score any lower people will point and laugh at you forever. (Litely Salted)

Bad news you guys: You can all forget about a Stewart/Colbert ‘12 ticket because Jon Stewart said it’s never going to happen. Fuck. Oh well, as long as Anti-Masturbation Barbie never makes it to the oval office, I think I’ll live. (popbytes)

I know lolcats are forever banned from Pajiba or else Dustin will beat me (it’s in my contract. Look it up), but there’s nothing about Marvel Cats, which are basically cute little cartoon cats, right? Right. (Topless Robot)

I know I’m pretty hard on Facebook here over their privacy policy, as well as the fact that Mark Zuckerberg is, well, a gigantic douche, but here’s a new reason to hate Facebook: There’s now a site where people can upload pictures of hot girls they find on Facebook without their permission. I know uploading pictures to Facebook isn’t the safest bet in the world, but still, what the fucking fuck? (Zelda Lily)

Joaquin Phoenix finally got to sitdown again with David Letterman to explain what in the name of sweet baby fuck was going on the last time he popped his bearded ass in there. Long story short, it was kinda boring and nothing crazy happened. Awwww man… (Evil Beet)

Holy shit you guys, juice boxes are turning us all gay! GAAAAAY! I never got a fucking juice box when I was a kid. Mom would just fill a plastic bottle with juice and boot us out the door, and I turned out straight as an arrow. (AngryBlackLadyChronicles)

A propos of nothing, here’s a picture of Nathan Fillion holding a replica of the sniper rifle from Halo. I’ve honestly never played a single Halo game because fuck you and fuck your space marines, but Nathan Fillion can hold my sniper rifle any day… The sniper rifle is my penis. (Unreality)

So as it turns out, all you need to rid your home of demons is a crayon drawing of a cross on a blank piece of paper. Really. Hey, does anybody else wonder why demonic possessions only happen to mentally unstable fundamentalists? (FourFour)

Another day, another celebrity who probably cheated on his wife and is now having his sext messages leaked onto the internet by his whore. Gosh, is it Thursday already? (Yeeeah!)

Since I know a good portion of you are OCD (don’t deny it), here’s a tumblr devoted to things organized in a neat and tidy manor. (ThingsOrganizedNeatly)

Oh come the fuck on, Keanu Reeves. How can you possibly be sad while eating a cupcake? What is so goddamn wrong in your life that you can look this goddamn miserably while eating a cupcake? THIS MAKES NO SENSE GRAAAAH MY BRAIN JUST EXPLODED! (Dlisted)

Today’s moment of zen comes from a very happy Boxer who loves nothing more than to slide down the stairs. We actually used to do the same thing, only we used a laundry basket. Point is, TONS of fun.

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