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F*cking Clowns, Man. F*cking Clowns.

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | November 22, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | November 22, 2010 |

Remember that fake trailer for the fake movie, Clown, that Eli Roth was pimping out? He might be turning that into a real movie. Do you think we can run it as a double feature alongside the gritty Pokemon reboot? (Film Drunk)

Here’s a look at ten of the greatest movie assholes in film. Oh sweet-baby-fuck-sauce, Bill Lumbergh is the reason I vowed never to have an office job. If I had to hear that smarmy asshole every day, I would have set the damn office on fire too. (I-Mockery)

Conan O’Brien has set up a web page to help one of his production assistants, Chris Ultimo, get on Jersey Shore. What, did this Chris guy shoot the masturbating bear then use his pelt as a rug or something? Harsh Conan. Harsh. (Agent Bedhead)

As if you needed any further proof that Justin Bieber is going to grow up to be a gigantic douchewad, the kid decided during dinner to randomly rip off his shirt and flash everyone his abs. When are teenagers going to learn that absolutely no one wants to see their bodies? (popbytes)

Here are 9 unintentionally horrifying kids shows. You mean they aren’t all terrifying? Have you seen the Teletubbies? The sun is a baby they set on fire! (Asylum)

The Onion News Network is jumping from the internet to IFC this January, and the trailer is pretty decent. Although to be honest, I did sort of think it might actually be Fox News at first. What? the anchor was blonde! That’s just misleading. (Warming Glow)

Sure, the midterm elections are over and the walking, racist punchline known as Sharron Angle didn’t even win a shit sandwich, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still make fun of her for this hilariously stupid ad! (AngryBlackLadyChronicles)

Tom Hardy’s fiancee is apparently jealous of his chemistry with Reese Witherspoon on the set of their new movie, which is gonna make things really awkward when I eventually steal him. It’s a work in progress people. Don’t pretend it won’t happen. (Celebitchy)

Alright nerds, prepare to throw on your happy pants: Scientists have managed to 38 atoms of anti-matter, which brings us all one step closer to either a huge energy boon or the end of existence. I think that’s how science works, right? (Gamma Squad)

I know he acts in terrible movies, but I swear to God, these pictures of Kellan Lutz literally just made me go “GUH” out loud then drool a little bit. Move over, Channing Tatum, you are no longer my shitty movie crush-object. (Towleroad)

And now, your daily dose of Schadenfreudian glee courtesy of painting over graffiti for community service. Now with the added bonus of her possibly pissing off a violent street gang. YEE! (Celebslam)

Here’s another installment of insane photos you won’t believe aren’t photoshopped. Anybody for a Pajibacon at that hotel with the giant-ass water column? (Cracked)

I know a lot of you love Angry Birds like you love oxygen and your own grandmother, so here’s an adorably profane live-action peace treaty between the pigs and the birds that ends exactly the way you would think.

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