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Australia Does Not Heart Gay Zombies

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | July 21, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | July 21, 2010 |

Bruce La Bruce’s L.A. Zombie was banned in Australia, which confuses me, considering that pretty much everything in Australia will actively try to kill you and/or eat you, you’d think gay zombies would be the least of their problems. (Towleroad)

I know it’s Hump Day, and normally this inspires a fuckload of terrible jokes, but whatever, I know everyone hear totally wants to hump Jon Hamm so here he is lookin’ mighty fine at the Mad Men season four premiere. You’re welcome! (Celebitchy)

MK over at popbytes is running a contest where he’ll be giving all of Sheryl Crowe’s albums to a lucky winner. If you’re into free music, you might want to check that out. (popbytes)

Ah Goddammit, they’re making a Bollywood version of Twilight. But on the plus side, the actor thinks the entire series is total crap, so it might be dead after all! (Agent Bedhead)

I’m sure this must come as a total shock, but Sarah Palin might not be smart enough to tell the difference between American Muslims and terrorists. Gasp. (Zelda Lily)

Someone went ahead and stuck 35 minimalist depictions of films into a 2 minute video. The results will blow your sweet little mind into next week. (Screen Junkies)

Today’s irrefutable proof that there is no loving God: The cast of Jersey Shore will earn $30,000 per episode. Each. Unless each episode involves one of them being picked at random and being fired out of a cannon into the sun, this is bullshit. (Warming Glow)

Just in case you were wondering, Hulk Hogan and his ex-wife enjoy dating people who look like their children almost as much as they enjoy getting into car crashes, ruining people’s lives and whining to the press about it. (Celebslam)

Because the giant-ass wine glass from yesterday didn’t seem to do the trick for you guys, check out Zach Galifianakis’ wine helmet and think about how much more awesome he is than you. (Unreality)

Ever wonder if Michael Bay is filming in your city? Here’s a surefire way to make sure that he has not infiltrated your town with his tiny, tiny penis. (A.V. Club)

Kayanne totally sent me this on Facebook, and while I have no idea what it is, I spent an entire goddamn hour on it making music. I less-than-three this. (aM laboratory)

And because we always need to end this off with a cute animal videos, here’s a porcupine that acts like a puppy. It would be so cute if it weren’t for the fact that it would probably give me a spiny death.

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