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I'm Still Crazy

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | October 20, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | October 20, 2010 |

So you all know by now that I have a weird, platonic love affair for Gary Busey, right? Well here he is selling pizza on Celebrity Apprentice and IT. IS. FANTASTIC! The best part is the quote at the very end that literally made me laugh to the point I fell off my sofa. Marry me Gary Busey. I want your crazy children. (iheartchaos)

Alright everyone, today is Spirit Day, the day to commemorate everyone we lost to anti-gay bullying. As such, you all have to wear purple. Yes, yes, I know, we don’t all have purple shirts, but at least give it the ol’ college try. Wear red and blue together if you have to. (Towleroad)

With former WWE CEO Linda McMahon running for congress now, let’s take a look at how politics have pretty much turned into fake wrestling. Actually, the only real difference between the two of them is that instead of watching two shirtless, oiled-up roid-ragers hit each other, we have to watch John McCain’s jowls while he filibusters. (Hobo Trashcan)

Zach Galifianakis (God I hope I spelled that right) was talking about The Hangover 2 and how great is is and how much he loves it and HAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding. He thinks the entire thing is just one big cash grab and he’s pissed about some of the decisions behind the movie. I’m looking at you Mel. (Film Drunk)

Today’s quiz is all about… *Spins the wheel* …Scandals that end in gate! Wait, seriously? That Toyota recall from last year had its own -gate? Shut the hell up. (Litely Salted)

I know none of you watch Dancing With The Stars, but this needs to be seen: Bristol Palin actually went out and danced in a fucking Gorilla costume. On TV. Live. Sadly, this still isn’t the dumbest thing she’s ever done; that’s still Levi Johnston. (popbytes)

Halloween is almost here, and you know what that means: time to run your favourite internet memes into ground using lame costumes! I swear to God, the first person I see carrying around a double rainbow get throat-punched. (Nerve)

Oh praise Jesus… That rumour about Christina Hendricks going on a diet to lose 35 pounds? NOT. TRUE. It’s okay people, the world isn’t coming to an end after all, you can all go back to your business. (Celebitchy)

Oooooooooh wow, this one is awkward: during a young Republicans panel on C-Span 2’s Book TV, two of the four panelists had actually dated in the past, and you better fucking believe they took the time to air each other’s dirtiest secrets, marking the first time in recorded history that C-Span 2 was actually watchable. (Warming Glow)

Good news, New Yorkers! There’s a white supremacist running for congress in your state! Wait, did I say “good news”? I meant “I don’t want to live on this planet with you people anymore”. (AngryBlackLadyChronicles)

Now that Christina Aguilera has split from her husband, she wants you all to know that her last album was totally shitty and it was all her husband’s fault or something. Fair enough, but who’s she going to blame Burlesque on? (Agent Bedhead)

A while back, I posted an article about all the stupid things your barrista hates you for, and you guys seemed to love that. Well, here are the things your flight attendant hates you for, and it all basically amounts to “don’t be a huge dumbass on an airplane”. (Reader’s Digest)

Some practical trade advice to improve your game for you fantasy football nerds, compliments of Dustin because why the hell would I put a fantasy football link in this post? (Ugly Fours)

Just because I can, here’s Kelly Brooks from Piranha 3D posing topless. Alright straight boys, let it never be said I don’t throw you guys the occasional bone, okay? Okay. Link sorta NSFW, but everything is covered up with censor-stars anyway. (Celebslam)

Who’s ready for some nightmare fuel? Well then, behold the world’s first robot pop star! And before you ask, YES, it’s from Japan, and YES, it will probably crawl out from under your bed or inside your closet and eat your soul. (Gamma Squad)

So a little while back, Edith posted something about how the Chilean miners’ story would inevitably be turned into a schlocky Hollywood movie, and because the internet is a magical place where our ideas randomly pop out fully formed, someone went ahead and made a fake trailer for the inevitable Oscar-baiting flick. Funny; there doesn’t seem to be many Hispanics in the trailer though… Oh Sharron Angle, your incorrigible! Thanks Edith!

Jeremy Feist is a freelance writer, maker of lovin’, and an average-everyday-sane-psycho. You can check his NSFW blog here, or email him here.

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