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Haha, It's Funny Because Your Life Is Over

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | August 20, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | August 20, 2010 |

Thanks to Scorzi, behold! An entire tumblr devoted to gifs from Maury! Hand to God, I went on this site to check it out before posting it here, figuring I’d just look at the first page … I made it to page 20. It’s that addictive. (THERESULTSAREIN!)

It’s official: KFC has finally made a sandwich that is made entirely out chicken skin. Fun fact here, but a friend of mine used to work for KFC, and he told me that when they got the chicken, they would fill a garbage can with fat and dump the chicken in to soak for 24 hours. Still want your chicken skin sandwich? Thanks odnon! (Geekologie)

Lake Havasu, the place where they shot Piranha 3D, wants you all to know that there are no killer piranhas in their water. Sure, lure us down into your beautiful shores, and then SNAP! Sacrifice us to your hungry fish overlords. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me nine times, shame on me. (Film Drunk)

Sarah Palin thinks that feminism has been hijacked by (and I quote) “A cackle of rads”. Because women aren’t allowed to have differentiating opinions on stuff, right? They all have to think alike! FEMINISM, WOOOO! (AngryBlackLadyChronicles)

And because there will always room on my bookshelf for her, Betty White is getting a book deal! For TWO books! I don’t even care what they’re about, I’m just gonna send them my credit card as a pre-order. (popbytes)

Now that the role of Spider-Man has finally been cast, now we’re working on who will get to bang Spider-Man. Seriously: they haven’t even finalized casting and already I want this movie to die slowly in a fire. (Gamma Squad)

Because I know you guys fucking love her, here’s an interview with Pajiba Pin-Up Aubrey Plaza. (A.V. Club)

Courtesy of Japan, here’s a commercial featuring a dog who marries a human woman and starts a family. Hey, it still makes more sense than those fucking Caveman commercials. (Warming Glow)

Pop quiz! It’s your daughter’s birthday. Do you: (A) Get her a gift. (B) Get her a cake. (C) Write an incoherent Twitter rant about money and lawyers and how your daughter hates you? If you picked C, you are Courtney Love. Sorry! (Celebitchy)

It’s official: Snooki has been classified as criminally annoying. I will repeat: She is so annoying, it is illegal. Honest to God, I can’t even joke about this because they already wrote the goddamn punchline. (Agent Bedhead)

Want to be Jennifer Lopez’s assistant? If you answered anything other than “I’M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!” and you have no desire to have a social life, congratulations! Those are both actual requirements listed in the ad. You might have what it takes! (Evil Beet)

Britney Spears filmed her cameo for Glee on Monday, and oh COME ON! Why ya gotta play me like that, Glee? I thought we had something special! Of course, I’ll end up watching you anyway because I have a thing for men who don’t care about me. (Yeeeah!)

I have four words for you: Golden Girls Nesting Dolls. Eeeeeeee! I want! Somebody buy these for me! (Frothy Girlz)

Because I’m a total hopeless romantic like that, former Pajiba Music writer Chris Polley is getting married next weekend, and in preparation, he wrote a review of The Get Up Kids’ Something To Write Home About. What? I’m a sucker for romance. SHUT YOUR FACE, I HAVEN’T GONE SOFT! (Audiosuede)

Now that Dr. Laura has gone off the air after saying the N-Word THREE TIMES ON AIR, she wants you all to know she has dinner with her black friends and gay friends all the time. Sure you do, sweetheart. Sure you do. (Towleroad)

Remember when Chatroulette was relevant and pretty much just a very nice place to see lots of free cock? Well, now Eli Roth is using it to promote his new movie, The Last Exorcism, and the results are actually kinda cool.

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