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Well How Else Am I Supposed To Carry My Wine Glass? In My Hand?

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | October 19, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | October 19, 2010 |

You know what’s better than by useless shit I don’t need on the ground? Buying useless shit I don’t need thousands of feet up in the air! Here’s a look at the seven most useless Skymall products, reviewed accordingly. (Cracked)

With Halloween fast approaching, here’s a quiz all about Hell, everyone’s least favourite travel destination other than Iowa. Oh I kid, I kid. Iowa’s nice. Please don’t bomb me with messages about how you’ll stab me in the face for making a crack about Iowa. (Litely Salted)

WOW. Political superbitch Sharron Angle was confronted by a group of Latino students over the use of race-baiting in her political ads, and her response was “well, it’s okay, because I’m pretty sure some of you are Asian.” Aaaaaaaaaand cue the slowclap. (AngryBlackLadyChronicles)

Lindsay Lohan is being advised to fire Dina Lohan as her manager and only keep her around as her mother in order to stay sober. Which is a great idea until you realize that Dina is an even worse mother than she is a manager and has the maternal instinct of one of those sharks that eats its young. (popbytes)

With Hatchet 2’s recent stand against the MPAA proving that sometimes history has to play the cards it’s dealt, here’s a look at other famous “first” films that are, well, kinda horribly prejudiced. Thanks Ben! (FamousDeadWhiteGuys)

And speaking of movies that probably aren’t as good as everyone says they are, here are five reasons why going to the movies as a kid was soooooo much better than going to the movies now. Basically, it’s because kids are stupid and they don’t have to pay for anything. And now you know. (Unreality)

Nightmare fuel time! Jenny McCarthy decided to save money on her boob job by going to a doctor that didn’t use anesthesia. As in holy shit someone sliced open her tits and slipped silicone pads in them and she wasn’t even under. Hell, fresh new night terrors. (Yeeeah!)

Barack Obama is going to be making a guest appearance on an upcoming episode of Mythbusters. Say what you will, but considering your last president thought that science was witchcraft that made baby angels cry, I’m going to count this as a step in the right direction. (Screen Junkies)

For those of you who weren’t able to catch both, here’s a list of all the differences between the west coast and east coast feeds of last week’s live episode of 30 Rock. Yeah, I think the west coast got the better deal here. (Vulture)

Eeeeee! Amy Sedaris was on Letterman to talk about her new books and crafts and stuff like that, and not only was she absolutely adorable, but she also killed it. Amy Sedaris is badass as hell. That is all. (Evil Beet)

Good news, PS3- and Wii-owning Netflix lovers! Both consoles are rolling out new disc-less instant versions of Netflix, which means your already incredibly stress-free lives just got even easier. High fives! (The Flickcast)

Because every anti-gay politician will eventually get nailed for doing something completely hypocritical to their prejudiced, hateful views, it turns out Cal Paladino may have rented out two of his building to gay clubs. *Starts humming Another One Bites The Dust* (Zelda Lily)

Proving once and for all that dogs are better than cats because cats are gigantic assholes, here’s a video of a dog trying to show his affection for a kitty only to be denied in the coldest way possible. Harsh cat, harsh.

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