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It's The Night Of A Thousand Douches!

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | August 16, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | August 16, 2010 |

This one is kind of a moral grey area for me. On one hand, I have nothing but seething hatred for Tila Tequila. On the other, violence against women, no matter how irritating, is wrong. And on the other other hand (three hands!) if you’re dumb enough to play a concert for thousands of violent people who regularly assault the performers, you kinda deserve everything that happens to you. So here’s Tila Tequila being attacked by the crowd at the Gathering of the Juggalos. Thanks Stacey! (Red Lasso)

And in other violence against women news (really? Please tell me I didn’t just type that) the new video for Eminem and Rihanna’s Love The Way You Lie features Megan Fox getting the crap kicked out of her by Dominic Monaghan. Say what you will, it’s still better than Jonah Hex. (popbytes)

Katy Perry decided to liven things up by crashing a prom. You know what happened at my prom? Me and my fag hag got massively drunk and slurred something derogatory at one of the Jesuit teachers. BEST PROM EVER. (Evil Beet)

You know how Austria was super excited when Christophe Waltz won the Oscar and they finally had a national celebrity who wasn’t the fucking Terminator? Ummmm … about that? He’s not actually Austrian. (Agent Bedhead)

And speaking of The Terminator, they’re going to be making a 3D CGI Terminator movie because God hates us all. (Gamma Squad)

Well, at least that’s the only beloved franchise getting a CGI Make- Wait, what? They’re making a 3D CGI Bugs Bunny movie too? … Fuck all of you. Fuck all of you so very, very much. (Film Drunk)

To help wash the taste of that out of your mouth, how about a clip from the upcoming Halloween episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Don’t worry, this’ll make it alllllll better. (Warming Glow)

In news that will make you happy unless you’re a cold-hearted sack of shit: Neil Patrick Harris and his partner are expecting TWINS! (Dlisted)

I’ve honest to God only ever been in a Walmart TWICE in my entire life, but ummmmmmm… Do people honestly do shit like this? Seriously? Even my Grandma wouldn’t pull this kind of fuckery. (Buzzfeed)

Oh Jesus … who’s willing to bet that Karl Lagerfeld is totally banging his “muse”? Or at least trying to; I doubt the man’s had a boner since the Reagan administration and oh God I just puked on my everything thinking about that. (BWE)

And finally: BELLY-FLOPPING CORGIS! Even if you hate tiny dogs because you’re an asshole, everyone loves corgis.

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