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Nicolas Cage, Now Even More Two-Dimensional!

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | December 31, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | December 31, 2009 |

Oh my God this is the BEST THING. Some dude made a Nicolas Cage faux-Colorforms play adventure set and this is something that you can actually purchase on the internet. (Cinematical)

If you’re one of the unlucky ones stuck at work this afternoon, here’s something that will kill an hour or so: “The Daily Show” has posted the entire decade in review. Thanks, Sofi! (

Here’s a round-up of the worst movie trailers of 2009, some of which will go on to become the worst movies of 2010. (Film Drunk)

This is really kind of a “non-story,” but what the hell. I’m game for anything involving some random dude’s ass crack and Bai Ling. (Agent Bedhead)

Oh hey, speaking of dude’s ass cracks, here’s Bradley Cooper’s. C’mon people, It’s New Year’s Eve here. I don’t have much to work with today. (Yeeeah!)

This is why Lady Gaga will never, ever earn my respect. Because she hangs out with Perez Hilton in matching goddamn outfits. (Litelysalted)

Heyoo, a friend of a friend started this comic book blog recently and asked if I would give it a nod. I don’t know much about comics myself, but if you’re inclined to read such a thing I urge you to check it out! (Marvel Genesis)

Jeremy put together his own list of the top 20 albums of 2009. I admit I haven’t heard many of these — but hey, the kid’s got good taste in music and I trust his judgment. (Notes on Bar Napkins)

Patrick Stewart has been knighted? The fuck? Now I’m never going to be able to tell the difference between him and Ian McKellen. (Screen Junkies)

Here’s a quiz to match famous “Simpsons” guest stars to the characters they played. (Before they just started playing themselves.) And for the record, yes I did mix up Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. SEE?? (Mental floss)

KFC has scientifically formulated a more healthy, less messy version of the hot wing. Welcome to the future, peoples. (Impulsive Buy)

Here are nine ways the future will suck. Genetically enhanced low-fat-less-messy hot wings notwithstanding. (Topless Robot)

A new study says that female gamers are more intense than male gamers. Now, I am not necessarily what you’d call a “gamer” per se, but I do have the new Super Mario game and I wouldn’t doubt that maybe some of my neighbors have wondered if I’m being murdered when I make Mario fall in the lava. (Zelda Lily)

Wow, it’s an, um, New Year’s miracle. Katherine Heigl finally did something that doesn’t make her look like a C-U-Next Tuesday. (Celebitchy)

And now, Paul F. Tompkins and the chubby, bespectacled dude from “Mad Men” deal with the onslaught of zombie apocalypse. H/T, Dan Carlson’s facebook. See you next year and all that!

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