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Blah, Blah Blah, Christmas and Stuff

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | December 24, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | December 24, 2009 |

Well here’s something to put a Dirty Sanchez on your Christmas spirit, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins broke up. (Litelysalted)

How many times are you planning on watching A Christmas Story this year? Well let’s see. I don’t have cable at the moment and the ex got the Christmas Story DVD in the divorce, so sadly this year, probably none for me. (Unreality)

Oh … Yikes. The new DVD box art for some Brittany Murphy movie that no one ever heard of is … Um. Awkward. (Celebslam)

The “Balloon Boy’s” parents are totally getting jail time for being irresponsible schmuckheads. This is great news for everybody, except for their kids who don’t have a mommy and daddy for Christmas. Sad face. (Celebitchy)

This robot is probably the best thing anyone will get for Christmas, ever. But all I can think about is how I’d torment the animals with it. (Topless Robot)

With the Furry Vengeance trailer out, here is Brendan Fraser’s career in pictures. It’s funny and sad, but mostly funny. (Film Drunk)

Here’s a piece on the most “beloved holiday tradition in the world,” Christmas Pants. (Naive’s Guide)

Network executives have managed to come up with a dumber reality show idea than “Jersey Shore.” Let me just say:: Twi-tards. (Agent Bedhead)

I don’t even know why I’m reporting this (probably because it’s funny) but Heidi Montag thinks that taping holiday ribbons around store-bought candles constitutes as “making candles.” Ha ha get it? Because she’s stupid. (Yeeeah!)

Now this sounds like the quintessential holiday cookie for the Pajiba mindset. Mostly because it will get you shitfaced if you eat enough of ‘em. (Frothy Girlz)

Here’s an adorable bit from “Sesame Street” of Ricky Gervais tormenting the crap out of Elmo. (Screen Junkies)

Gay-hating psychopath Fred Phelps has a new target and it’s Lady Gaga. Huh. OK. As far as I know she’s not having any butt sex (Oh, kidding, of course she is) but sure, why not. (Zelda Lily)

Here are the Top Ten Killer Toy Movies ever, although it includes that “Talky Tina” episode from “Twilight Zone, because let’s face it, shit is scary. (Bloody Disgusting)

OK, so I was gonna post some Christmassy type of clip now, because it’s Christmas Eve and that’s how I do, but honestly I can’t think of a better Christmas present to you guys than Alia Shawkat recreating the “TOP THAT!” scene from Teen Witch. Hope your holidays are all joyous and nog-filled. See you next week!

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