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I Approve Of All Of This

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | December 9, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | December 9, 2010 |

So Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgård (sigh…) decided to bet on who could raise the most money for charity, wherein the winner would design an embarrassing shirt for the loser. Long story short $70,000 was raised and you now have the mental image of Alex being Stephen’s bitch. I’ll be in my bunk. Forever. (popbytes)

Yesterday was the 30 year anniversary of John Lennon’s passing, and Rolling Stone finally released his final interview in full. (Evil Beet)

Just in time for Christmas here’s a list of fake but hilariously inappropriate children’s toys. Bonus points to Che for bringing up Meatspin! Hiiiiiiiiiilarious. (DeusExMalcontent)

Good news everyone! Not only will Ricky Gervais be hosting The Golden Globes again this year, but he’s going to be even meaner than he was last year. Thank you, Santa! (Screen Junkies)

This was actually sent in by quite a few of you (apparently, ya’ll are hard up for some panda lovin’), but here’s a story about two humans who dressed up as pandas in order to raise a little baby panda cub. This is the most adorable thing that jM will ever rape. (LATimes)

I laughed so hard at the Tiny Football League that one of my balls exploded. (Ugly Fours)

Remember last year how they ran a Pro-Life ad during the Superbowl ad which, though I don’t agree with it, was tasteful and thoughtful? Well, this year they want to run a more “graphic but truthful” ad. Blurg. Remember the days when the Superbowl was about football and Janet Jackson’s boob? Those were the days… (Zelda Lily)

Here are 30 pictures of children freaking their shit out over Santa. You know what? No. If your kid is afraid of a magical jolly elf who gives them presents? PUSSY. Just kidding, just kidding. (Socialite Life)

Ever wonder what The Princess Bride would look like if it had lightsabers in it? Don’t lie you liar, you totally did. Anyway, the answer to that question is: Pretty awesome. (The Flickcast)

Here are the top 25 internet memes of 2010. Oh Inception, you are the gift that just keeps on BRAAAAAAAAAHM-ing! (Ranker)

Here are 8 terrible movies by great directors. I’m just gonna sit back and let you guys judge this one all on your own. (Unreality)

Alright, I know we already have a murder tank, but now can we work on making this super awesome zombie safehouse? Pajiba NEEDS a zombie safehouse. (ZombieSafeHouse)

Okay, so sure, Jessica Simpson hasn’t had much a music career for a few years, and she’s kind of a vindictive bitch when it comes to her love life, but at least her clothing line just broke $1 billion. Wait, what?! (Yeeeah!)

Today’s video features dogs sliding down a snowy hill. Somehow, eight people disliked this video on Youtube, which means that eight people are going to be getting an active hand grenade in their stockings this year. Ho ho ho, motherfuckers.

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