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Lloyd Dobler Has No Time For This

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | November 16, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | November 16, 2009 |

An interviewer had the NERVE to ask John “DO I LOOK SCARED?!” Cusack to indulge him in a little Say Anything-related nostalgia, and King Disaster Porn was absolutely not having it. (Film Drunk)

Here are five ways that Joss Whedon can recapture the glory from his “Buffy” days. Although I don’t necessarily think a cast photo of “Buffy” that includes Dawn and effing Riley for chrissakes is helping the argument. (Sci-Fi Squad)

Like Agent Bedhead I am also a huge fan of Bai Ling (like, I literally have her picture as my desktop wallpaper) and I am likewise astounded to find out that she’s 43 years old. (Agent Bedhead)

An idiot from “The Hills” is going to rehab? Huh! It must be a day of the week that ends with the word “day.” (Litelysalted)

For the UK version of the Couples Retreat poster, the black couple is suspiciously not pictured. Shit, I’m not even touching this one. (Celebitchy)

Apropos of nothing, here is a house that looks like Bender’s face. (Warming Glow)

Jeremy Feist needs a job. Does anyone want to hire him? Oh, but just so you know — he doesn’t do windows. (Notes on Bar Napkins)

I know I’m just asking for trouble posting this … But anyway. To answer the age-old question: Period sex. Yay or nay? Ehhh. I usually reserve it for those first “can’t keep your hands off each other” stages of a relationship. (Zelda Lily)

Adam Lambert is going full-on gay for his “For Your Entertainment” video shooting in downtown Los Angeles. I mean, even for downtown Los Angeles. (DListed)

Am I the only one that just wants to say “Oh, whatever, Chloe Sevigny” whenever I see pictures of Chloe Sevigny? Because seriously. Whatever, Chloe Sevigny. (Yeeeah!)

Oh wow, another smug book about vegetarianism written by a vegetarian which will likely only appeal to other vegetarians who likewise want to feel smug about not eating meat. (Second Pass)

Static Image of Alec Baldwin Doing Something Wacky + Photoshop + the Internet = Endless Hours of Fun. (Unreality)

A reminder: The Pajiba Movie Club will be discussing Mulholland Dr. tomorrow at 3 p.m. EST.

Miss Teen South Carolina met with Octomom for a segment on Jimmy Kimmel, and the result is something I can only describe as surreal. That Octomom is g’damn creepy:

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Stacey! Why would you add that image of Bill Belichick to Pajiba Love! What’s it got to do with anything?! Also, that’s just mean. — DR

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