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Stroking His Ego 140-Characters At A Time

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | November 11, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | November 11, 2010 |

If like me you happen to be both an indie music lover and a dirty Twitter whore (please follow me; I crave your follows), here are the 40 best artist Twitters. So no surprise, Kanye West’s 50 billion-car wreck is #1, but who’d have known that Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon was so adorable? (Pitchfork)

Courtesy of Mrs. Julien, here’s a nice little coffee table book featuring lewd graffiti on posters and ads in New York City. There’s a pretty good chance this will be my Granny Chick’s Christmas present this year. (New York Dicks)

Apparently, Christmas came early this year, because look! It’s a Judge Judy supercut of everyone’s favourite daytime TV judge chewing people out for “ummmm”ing and “uhhhh”ing. (FourFour)

Not only has Jessica Alba confessed that “scripts are worthless,” she now feels the same about fantasy football rankings. Mock the movie scripts lady, but stay away from fantasy football. (Ugly Fours)

Because John Mayer’s racist penis hasn’t ruined enough things for me, he may or may not have banged Giada De Laurentiis from the Food Network. You bastard! What, was Rachel Ray too busy pouring Ee-Vee-Oh-Oh over everything to swing by for a booty call? (popbytes)

Here are 15 “doctors” with questionable credentials. Hey now, say what you will about Dr. Mario, but I learned a lot from him; specifically, that if you’re sick, just cram a bunch of brightly colored pills down your throat until you either feel better or choke to death. (Topless Robot)

Christopher Walken + The Walking Dead = The Walken Dead. Easy joke? Yes, yes it is, but it’s Christopher Walken we’re talking about here, so appreciate the Walken-ness of it all. (Unreality)

Ummmmm… yeah, remember how Demi Lovato said she was going to rehab for an eating disorder and self-harming? That may or may not have been an outright lie, and she actually went to rehab for exactly the reasons you’re thinking of right now. (Yeeeah!)

Worried that you may have an STD, but can’t get to a clinic anywhere near you? Well they’re coming out with a microchip you can pee on, stick into your cell phone, and find out! I know everyone’s using the “There’s an app for that!” joke, but I think the more appropriate line is “THERE’S A CONDOM FOR THAT. USE THEM.” (Zelda Lily)

So a couple days ago I linked to a story about a woman who guessed the prize puzzle right with only one letter on The Wheel of Fortune. As it turns out, it wasn’t rigged and it wasn’t a miracle; the game is actually just super easy. (Esquire)

Good news Austin nerds! The Austin Comic Con has announced their full line-up, which means it’s time to get planning if you’re gonna be getting your geek on. (The Flickcast)

And now some good news for people who like quality mainstream music: Pink is pregnant! Look, I don’t listen to a lot of pop, but Pink is one of the few artists who I like and don’t want to perform a tracheotomy on, so kudos to her. (Evil Beet)

Oh Fan-tucking-fastic, Mariah Carey has another Christmas album out. Super. Sorry Mimi, but there’s really no topping All I Want For Christmas Is You, so thanks but no thanks. (Village Voice)

And finally, here’s another incredibly creative and awesome music video from Ok Go involving thousands of pieces of toast, proving once and for all that Ok Go owns the internet. Man is Al Gore going to be pissed when he finds out about it.

Last Leaf

OK Go | Myspace Music Videos

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