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What He Said

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | November 9, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | November 9, 2009 |

Following up in the popular series, “Everything [Character of a Popular TV Show] said in Season [X] of [Said Show],” here is the timely “Everything Don Draper Said in Season Three of “Mad Men.” Which I haven’t caught yet so don’t spoiler me, bitches. (Unlikely Words)

Ratings for “The Hills” have been dropping lately, so here’s a campaign of what can be done to save the show, other than Heidi and Spencer’s televised public execution, anyway. (IBBB)

Earlier I brought you the news that Robert Zemeckis is going to be doing a sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and now he’s revealed that he plans to use that creepy stop-motion animation that nobody but Robert Zemeckis likes for the human characters in the film. Somewhere a rabbit in big red overalls is crying. (Gordon and the Whale)

Ashlee Simpson has been rewarded for getting fired from “Melrose Place” for her inability to act with a starring role in a Broadway play. Life is fair. (Litelysalted)

A new article in the New York Times is suggestion that the budget for Avatar was actually so huge that everyone in America is going to have to see it at least three times before they recoup their investment. (Rope of Silicon)

Miley Cyrus’ song “Party in the U.S.A.,” which has hit the airwaves like Swine Flu, apparently name drops Britney Spears as well as Jay-Z. But in a recent interview she brats that she’s “never even heard a Jay-Z song.” Ugh. Repugnant little troll. (Celebitchy)

And speaking of teenagers we hate, Taylor Swift continues not to be one of them. Everyone is saying that she was adorable and hilarious during her stint on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend. (Yeeeah!)

You can finally buy replicas of the famous Fight Club movie poster soap, but unfortunately you can only get it from some hippie on Etsy which means that it’s vegan and not made from the fat of stupid rich ladies. (Agent Bedhead)

If The Box — which none of you saw — was good for absolutely nothing else, it was to inspire this list of the best boxes in television shows and movies. (Screen Junkies)

Steven Tyler is threatening to leave Aerosmith, which comes as a total surprise to those of us who didn’t know that Aerosmith were actually still together. (Thundersquee!)

Here’s a list of the best and worst cinematic biopics. (Cinematical)

Britney Spears’ Aussie fans are reportedly upset that she’s lip-syncing portions of her concerts and giving an overall lackluster performance. Yes, really. Make your own joke here. (Superior Gossip)

If there are two things I love in life, they would be burritos and little kids making hilarious YouTube videos. This clip has the best of both worlds — and also the song I plan on singing every time I get my special spinach, tofu and guac special down on 40th street:

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