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October 26, 2007 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | October 26, 2007 |

Pajiba Love

What’d you rather: breakfast edition! A heart attack in a bowl? (The Impulsive Buy) Or hog leftovers, pressed into a delicious loaf and grilled to your liking? (Special Way of Being Afraid)

ScarJo got her wisdom tooth gold plated and gave it to Ryan Reynolds. To this I say, “whatever Scarlett Johansson.” (IDLYITW)

Gavin from “Angel” got arrested for a DUI! What do you want from me, I don’t watch “Lost” okay? (Agent Bedhead)

Who’s the big winner? Huh? Dustin, that’s who. Dustin’s the big winner. (QuizLaw)

For the love of everything holy, will Renee Zellweger please eat something and lay off the botox? (The Evil Beet)

Blade Runner, bitches! (Slowly Going Bald)

Referring to your virginity as a “delicate flower” is for hippies or something. Today’s impressionable girls get hymen bling, yo! (Feministing)

Leonardo DiCaprio used to just be some loser who didn’t have sex with supermodels. Let’s all point and laugh at him! (Yeeeah!)

I don’t think Bill O’Smiley (See how I did that?) understands how gay works. Somebody should teach him a lesson, in a forceable Clockwork Orange kind of way. (DListed)

Finally, to wrap up this special edition Friday Love, here is a bittersweet remembrance of Steve Carell in his golden days on “The Daily Show” — after the jump. It was nice while it lasted, Steve!

Pajiba Love | October 26, 2007 |

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