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October 24, 2007 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | October 24, 2007 |

Pajiba Love

How the hell did M.C. Hammer manage to go bankrupt when he was raking in the sweet, sweet, 1-900-number money? (Special Way of Being Afraid)

Apparently the Spice Girls have a new song recorded and apparently it blows. Well, of course it blows — it is a Spice Girls song, after all. (IDLYITW)

James Lipton used to be such a pimp, yo! And no, not in that harmless, MTV kind of way, either. (Deus Ex Malcontent)

The last time a judge told me I had a nice ass, I totally got all my charges dropped. Score! (QuizLaw)

Jake Gyllenhaal comes out. I mean, about his relationship with Reese. What did you think I was referring to? (Yeeeah!)

President Evil! I love it. Oh, except for the part where he ordered all that torture. That, not so much. (The Liberal Avenger)

With a story like this, it’s difficult to make sense of all the speculation and facts — but I can tell you one thing for sure, and that is David Copperfield is a scumbag. (Celebitchy)

Poor, chubby bearded Ryan Gosling just can’t catch a break. (Agent Bedhead)

Today’s clip is pretty funny, until it makes you realize what our lives have come to — by vaguely forcing us to remember a time when we used to leave our houses, and go outside and do things, with real people we knew beyond an internet handle. Ah well.

Pajiba Love | October 24, 2007 |

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