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Don't Let the Door Hit You in Your Gigantic Chin on the Way Out

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | October 23, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | October 23, 2009 |

Ashlee Simpson got handed her pink slip on “Melrose Place,” which actually kind of makes me sad because watching her complete and utter acting failure was the most unintentionally entertaining aspect of the show. Oh well. Hopefully they’ll at least make it bloody. (Celebitchy)

Alf is in the house! No problem! Happy Friday, everyone. Here’s Alf throwing down some sweet beats to start off your weekend. (FourFour)

Bronson Pinchot, not content with shooting his career in the face, has elaborated to the Wall Street Journal and taken to his twitter page. Now it’s Balki’s time to shine! (Agent Bedhead)

Scream IV is going to be filmed in 3-D. Oh, because of course it goddamn is. (Bloody Disgusting)

I actually caught “The Office” when it aired last night since my beloved “Supernatural” was a rerun, (*shakes fist in air*) and I thoroughly agree that last night’s episode totally hit it out of the ballpark. (Hairballs)

Oy, here’s something cringeworthy for the Bruce Campbell fan: The least essential works of Bruce Campbell. Really? No My Name is Bruce? That movie was the least essential thing that has ever existed. (Topless Robot)

Speaking of things that aren’t essential, they actually made an action figure of Indiana Jones from the refrigerator scene in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. Even more surprisingly, it’s completely sold out. (Film Drunk)

The opening night for Sienna Miller’s Broadway show After Miss Julie was last night, and her acting was — how should we say? — not good. (Superior Gossip)

Here are five classic horror films reviewed by a both 10-year old and a 24-year-old. (Holy Taco)

DEAR SWEET JESUS. His face!!! What on Earth happened to Billy Bob Thornton’s face?! It looks like it was sculpted out of silly putty. (Seriously? OMG!)

David Cross bragged that he did a line of coke at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Oh big wow, you’re so cool, David Cross. Go make another fucking movie about talking chipmunks. (DListed)

Good news! The biggest nerd ever has been located, and he’s cloned himself to sing the Ghostbusters theme song a cappella. Are you really going to deny this man a third installment?

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