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Endlessly Watchable Suckitude

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | October 22, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | October 22, 2009 |

This could probably be a comment diversion, but what’s your favorite obviously horrible movie you can watch over and over again? I have to disagree with this post though, Lake Placid is clearly satire. Come on! (Unreality)

In honor of the Heene family, here is a list of the top five most moronic families in movies. (Cinematical)

Roger Ebert has finally weighed in his opinion on the growing trend of the use of 3-D in movies. Spoiler alert! He hates it. (Film Drunk)

Wow, does it really surprise anyone that Tom Cruise was the inspiration for Christian Bale’s character in American Psycho? (Frothy Girlz)

The stupidity of America’s “Movie Movies” has somehow inexplicably made its way overseas. Hey, at least they got Leslie Nielsen, bitches. (Agent Bedhead)

Has that “Stuff White People Like” website done an entry on Kashi yet? Name me another company that makes frozen foods with goddamn pumpkin seeds sprinkled on top. (Impulsive Buy)

Celebrity reality shows continue to scrape the barrel as far as the celebrity in question and network said show is appearing on. Don’t believe me? Five words: Carnie Wilson and Game Show Network. (Celebitchy)

Zooey Descanel is going to guest star with her sister on an episode of “Bones,” which is kind of cute but really, what won’t Zooey Dechanel do? (Warming Glow)

You can expect a lot more turtles in your future. Nickelodeon has acquired the rights to the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” cartoon, whereas Paramount is making a full-length movie. My pet turtle, Donatello, heartily approves. Well, he would if his brain wasn’t the size of a popcorn kernel, anyway. (Gordon and the Whale)

Here’s a look into Emilie Autumn’s live show, although I have to admit to not knowing who the hell she is. (TMITM)

Whitney Houston is allegedly bisexual, according to Bobby Brown. Ew. I don’t want to picture her having sex with men, much less women. (Superior Gossip)

Speaking of “ew,” there might be a David Letterman sex tape floating around out there. And he actually thought he could handle this with dignity. (Yeeeah!)

You guys are gonna have a damn field day with this one. Say hello to the new sex-having G-spot-finding device, the “G-Thrust,” which looks about as comfortable as having sex on a swingset. Only actually less comfortable. (DListed)

I totally missed Harriet Carter Wednesday yesterday, if you’re interested in useless crap you can’t have sex with. (Or can you?) (IBBB)

For no other reason than Balki being the center of attention for a hot minute, here is a “Perfect Strangers”-Requiem for a Dream mash-up: (Via Warming Glow)

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