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Don't Even Get Him Started on That Cousin Larry A-Hole

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | October 21, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | October 21, 2009 |

The big news on the internet this morning is an interview with Bronson Pinchot (more commonly referred to as “Balki”) who apparently decided he never wanted to work again by throwing Tom Cruise and Denzel under a bus. I have to say though, his candor is refreshing. (A.V. Club) Update: Sorry guys, I done fucked up again. Apparently Dustin covered this yesterday and I somehow missed it and was too excited to go back and double check. Apologies!

Awww, and speaking of washed-up ’80s sitcom stars, Bob Saget is kind of a douche but I find this story about him strangely endearing. (Celebslam)

Full disclosure: My roommate loathed Where the Wild Things Are and thought it was a movie about “emo monsters.” So here is a list of filmmakers who he thinks could have done a better job with it. What do you guys think? (PW)

Here’s the latest goings-on with “Dancing with the Stars.” I think half the cast has swine flu now or something. (Hairballs)

I don’t know dick about Twilight, but is it wrong that I watched this clip and kind of inwardly squee’d: “PUPPIES!” (Film Drunk)

Remember that gay “American Idol” runner-up from last season who everybody was talking about? Well no one was talking about him anymore, so he posed with naked chicks in Details. (Yeeeah!)

Oh, and remember that dumb Alaskan Vice Presidential runner-up from the last Presidental election who everyone was talking about? Well no one’s talking about her anymore so she’s doing an “Oprah.” (Celebitchy)

Oh boy. Someone decided to give Wilmer Valderrama another shot at television. On a sitcom based on “The Dog Whisperer!” Oh my God, how could this possibly ever go wrong? (Warming Glow)

Huh. Now here’s something offensive. What better way to sell beer than imagery of Snow White getting gang-banged by the Seven Dwarves? (Zelda Lily)

Wendy’s is returning to form with a no-frills, less-douchey, no-celebrity-in-bikini-endorsing double bacon cheeseburger. (Impulsive Buy)

Oh man, David Duchovny is like, really serious about this third X-Files movie, isn’t he? (Gordon and the Whale)

Here’s a list of the scariest movie villains under five feet tall (Unreality) and here is a list of five movie villains who have worn out their welcomes. (Cinematical)

Eilza Dushku lives out my lifelong dream of roundhousing Jimmy Fallon in the gut. Just kidding — in my dream I aimed lower. (Popoholic)

Home Shopping Network vs. Wii Remote. Who do you think the big winner will be? Flip to the 5:00 to find out:

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