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Surpassing 50 Cent as the Most Successful Sellout Ever

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | May 19, 2010 |

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | May 19, 2010 |

Sarah Jessica Parker has to put up with equine/gristle comments on a regular basis and the daily reality of what Ferris Bueller has become, but she’s easing the pain with an atypical Mac-to-PC switch for that SATC 2: Ishtar’s Revenge movie. (Celebitchy)

On a positive note, the above may potentially end the description of Mac users as possessing “no skills or office training, with very little likelihood of ever accruing any knowledge or expertise, with no backbone or basic housekeeping procedures.” My housekeeping skills are just fine, and I never stare wistfully out the window while typing either. (Guardian)

Dustin quickly mentioned Ellen Page’s new project in yesterday’s Whip Its, but I do believe that he (of the perpetual gay-non-gay vibe) failed to stress that Page will be playing a lesbian in the movie. (Gawker)

Javier Bardem’s already been tapped for an Oscar nod in Biutiful, “a soulful and spiritual journey….” Oh, who cares? If this translates to Javier in a tux at the Oscars, it totally works. (Rope of Silicon)

“Ghostbusters Live” will fill that void left behind by Bill Murray in his wise decision to stomp out all Ghostbusters 3-related erections. (Screen Junkies)

Some dumbass French director held up a Polanski T-shirt at Cannes while describing the situation as “Kafkaesque.” Unless he’s actually calling Polanski a cockroach, this doesn’t settle well. (Film Drunk)

Television reporters have such a smug way about themselves, don’t you think? Which is why watching them scream like little girls is such fun. (Seriously? OMG! WTF?)

If you happen to have a spare $5.4 million, the iconic Field of Dreams is up for sale. Hope you enjoy corn though. (Time)

Hey, if Snoop Dogg can make the rap-to-country crossover dream happen, then Justin Bieber can infiltrate the ranks of the black musician elite, right? Survey says…. he’s gonna get his ass kicked. (Amy Grindhouse)

Only Sean Penn could possibly make an audience root for the Nazi in a new film that may have ripped its title from a Talking Heads song. (Agent Bedhead)

While I’ve become a semi-closeted fan of Lady Gaga, it would still be of great interest for her to actually receive a real-life paper-cut on the taint. (Yeeeah!)

Axl Rose is now suing music mogul Irving Azoff because, as Rose claims, “Azoff concocted a diabolical plot to destroy Guns N’ Roses.” Man, what a dork. (TMZ)

And for all of you stunningly vocal animal enthusiasts, here’s a video of a Pomeranian who adopted a foster baby monkey (see also many similarly nauseatingly adorable videos at Women’s Day):

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