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October 17, 2007 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | October 17, 2007 |

Pajiba Love

Too. Fucking. Cool. Creed from “The Office” used to be a mod-rocker in The Grass Roots! (cityrag)

Amy Winehouse is a wicked witch who steals hair from poor Romanian orphans. Or something like that — I really can’t be bothered with details. (Agent Bedhead)

Add Dan to the long, long list of people smitten with “Pushing Daisies.” (wweek)

Dear Anonymous Hacker Who Broke into Mann Schmoulter’s Website and Wrote a Fake Apology Letter — Drinks on us! XOXO, Pajiba. (QuizLaw)

And here I thought the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and “hairy palms” were the worst lies you could tell your kid. (Offsprung)

Vanessa Hudgens finally got canned by Disney. I can’t wait to see how pissed they’re gonna be when the inevitable racy photos of Zak Efron and Clay Aiken surface! (IDLYITW)

Nothing says fun and imagination to little girls like housework and laundry! (Feministing)

Although I must admit, “Stinky” is definitely not a bad nickname for Kirsten Dunst, I would like to contribute these, as well: Snagglemouth, Mrs. Pigpen, Leggo My Uggo, Stanks McGanks, Fangface Molloy, Nevernude, and Rottenface. (Celebitchy)

Ahhh, sweet, sweet, Gawker backlash always puts a smile on my face. (Special Way of Being Afraid)

You know, I think I might actually be OK with Drew Carey on “The Price is Right” — as evidenced by this clip, after the jump. OH MY GOD PLINKO, indeed!

Pajiba Love | October 17, 2007 |

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