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October 16, 2007 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | October 16, 2007 |


Pajiba Love

Dan totally steals my meeting Winnie Cooper thunder. Revenge will be mine! (Slowly Going Bald)

Kim Kardashian’s new reality show makes my brain want to follow a pack of lemmings off a cliff. (Yeeeah!)

I personally would like to see Jared Padalecki cast in the new Justice League movie. I mean, if you’re gonna make a movie that sucks right off the bat — no point in holding back, right? (Matineer)

20 years worth of Miller High Life: $19,200. Sweet new ‘Skins jersey: $89.99. One jar of Crisco: $3.89. Looking foxy at the game? Motherfucking priceless. (KSK)

I think this is all part of Thomas the Tank Engine’s nefarious plot to brainwash our youth. (Whoa, Camel!)

I find TK’s story a bit suspect, since it has been my experience that gay men have the sort of discriminating taste to avoid establishments such as Applebees in the first place. Burn! (Uncooked Meat)

Hey everybody! Our boy Vermillion got himself a gig over at QuizLaw! Let the hazing commence… now! (QuizLaw)

Whatevs. Puffy is such a girl, I’m surprised he didn’t cry over hurting his widdle knuckles on that guy’s face. (The Blemish)

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, some sick line art animation from the mind of Don Hertzfeldt. Enjoy!

Pajiba Love | October 16, 2007 |

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