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Teach Me Your Secular Ways!

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | October 14, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | October 14, 2009 |

Sorry guys, this link actually has nothing to do with “Arrested Development.” Instead, here are six religious films made by secular filmmakers. Like how I did that? (PW)

Adere passed along this very cool website that contains hundreds and hundreds of title screen shots from films dating back from the ’20s through today. It’s an exceptionally well-designed site and fun to explore. (Annyas)

Wow, it took the Jackson family a whopping three whole months to figure out a way to exploit Michael Jackson’s kids. I had only given them three weeks, myself. (Webster’s)

Oh, of course some asshole out there is bitching that today’s kids movies are too far “left-leaning.” (Cinematical)

I always wondered what Juliette Lewis’ music sound like, but not enough to go out of my way and actually listen to it. And, what do you know? It’s predictably terrible! (TMITM)

This is outstanding. Some crazed X-Men fan gave Hugh Jackman a life-sized Wolverine pinata of himself. HILARIOUS. (Agent Bedhead)

Here’s a salute to Jesse Frederick. What, you don’t know who Jesse Frederick is? What did you think, TV theme shows write themselves? (Holy Taco)

I never watched “Southland” (as apparently a lot of people didn’t) but apparently it was actually going to be awesome. Oh, goddammit. (Warming Glow)

Here’s a list of romantic comedy gestures that girls don’t want in real life. What, chicks don’t like it when a guy dramatically quits his job, and then he doesn’t have a job anymore? (Guyism)

Remember those supposedly candid clips of Seth Green flipping out? Well, turns out they were for Butterfinger. Lame, Seth Green. Laaaaame. (Film Drunk)

This is an awesome drawing of the title character of the much anticipated Precious, as sketched onto an iPhone. Does anyone use that app? I must have it!! (Film Experience)

Since you guys got so fired up over the Karl Lagerfeld story yesterday (Really? Nearly 100 comments on a Pajiba Love? Damns!) you’re going to love this one about Ralph Lauren photoshopping and subsequently firing a 5’10, 120 lb. model for being too fat. (Celebitchy)

Everyone’s favorite internet cat — or at least mine, anyway — Winston, has made his literary debut. Congratulations! (FourFour)

This clip is nothing short of amazing (not as amazing as our own movie quote mash-up, naturally) — a remix using sound bites from countless movies and TV shows:

And finally, I had to throw this in. Some people would might find the below clip in astoundingly poor taste — but since this is Pajiba you guys will probably snort liquid out of your noses:

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