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Please Come Back Rick Moranis... We'll Bake You Cookies!

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | November 10, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | November 10, 2010 |

Oh Rick Moranis… How we all miss you terribly. He may be more or less out of the business, but because we still love you, here’s a look his ten best movie roles. As much as I love Ghostbusters, how is Little Shop of Horrors not number one here? (Den Of Geek)

The Parents’ Television Council is throwing another hissy bitchfit because the amount of swearing on TV has risen over the past year. Because apparently, no one ever says shit in real life, but I’ll be damned if someone says “screw” or “suck” or “hell” on them there movin’ picture box! (Warming Glow)

Because fuck you, that’s why, Vivid Video is planning on a porn-spoof epic of the Kanye West/Taylor Swift feud from over a goddamn year ago. HA! Topical. Man, I sure hope they can pull off that Dark Knight spoof before it becomes unfunny and irrelevant! (Agent Bedhead)

Hey everyone, do you want to see a video of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt being held at gunpoint by police for being suspected kidnappers? Yes you do because it is the BEST THING EVER. (popbytes)

Today’s quiz is all about cartoons from the 70’s, and holy shit, I never realized how man Hannah-Barbara cartoons there were back then, and just how many of them I totally didn’t give a shit about. (Litely Salted)

Now that Roger Ebert’s “Video games aren’t art” bullshit has become old news, the question still remains: What place does interactivity have in art? Apparently none, because the only thing you can do with the Mona Lisa is stare at the damned thing. (A.V. Club)

Move over The Room, because there’s a new “So bad it it loops past good back to bad again then does a victory half-lap back to good again” movie in town. Prepare yourselves for Guido, the action movie written, starring and funded by a batshit crazy billionaire who loves himself just a little too much. Also, it stars GARY FUCKING BUSEY! (Film Drunk)

Oh, and speaking of Gary Busey, here he is at LAX wearing a cuh-raaaaaaaaay-zee jacket! Please just indulge my bizarre Busey love here people. (Celebslam)

So apparently, if you ever get tired of your significant other, you can just trade them in on Craigslist for puppies and gift cards and no one will mind at all. Dammit, I could have traded in Diesel for a boxer puppy and a gift certificate to Chapters! Blurg. Coulda shoulda woulda. Thanks Stardust! (Craigslist)

Holy shit people, jetpacks are now a real thing. I REPEAT: JETPACKS ARE REAL. Just watch this guy jump out of a hot air balloon, do a loop-de-loop using his super awesome jetpack, then land safely on the ground without dying horribly. It’s pretty awesome. (Gamma Squad)

History lesson time! Henrietta Lacks, a woman who died during the 50’s, apparently had something called “immortal cells” which means her cells could never die and be replicated outside of the human body ad infinitum. Not only did her cells pave the way for medical and cellular research for generations to come, but her family never saw a penny out of it. Thanks Replica! (ThingsIFoundOutToday)

So apparently, Fez Wilmer Valderrama also happened to bang Demi Lovato too when she turned 18, and if Demi and Lindsay are any indication, there’s a good chance you will get sexually-transmitted crazy from Fez’s dick. (Celebitchy)

American Thanksgiving is coming up soon, so in honour of this most delicious of days, here’s a couple tips on how to deep fry a turkey without dying horribly in a fire. (Serious Eats)

You can all blame Doran for this. Doran and society. Canada is getting its own Jersey Shore rip-off called Lake Shore, and it’s filming in Toronto. As in, the city I am living in. If you’ll excuse me, I need to go invest in a .45, a shovel, an unmarked white van and shower curtains.

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