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...Oh, F*ck The What.

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | September 10, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | September 10, 2010 |

Alright, so at first they were all like “they’re making a Spider-Man musical with U2!” and I was like okay, whatever, it might work. And then they were like “by the way, the music is going to be super annoying we’re going to make everyone look like Mardi Gras drag queens” and I was like fuck all of you so hard. (Topless Robot)

The good news here is that there’s new footage of Jackass 3D (aka Dustin’s Kryptonite) online. The bad news is is that it’s part of a new Weezer video. The “meh” news is that you can’t watch it in Canada anyway, so this point is moot to me. (Screen Junkies)

Is it time we stop paying attention to Lady Gaga? Personally, I’m just bored with her at this point. She’s pretty much exhausted every possible wacky stunt out there, and now all I can think about is Divine screaming “Who here is willing to die for art?” (Cracked)

Fun fact: Coupons are not money. I swear to God, my Grandma still hasn’t realized this and will regularly surprise us with buy one get one free movie tickets. Oh Grandma, you try so hard… (Hyperbole and a Half)

Football season kicks off in full force this Sunday, so if you’re not hanging out with your fellow Juggalos or prepping your fantasy football team, you can take this football movies quiz. If that doesn’t suit you, here’s a celebrity religion quiz that might be more to your liking. (LitelySalted)

Just in case you were all wondering, Heidi and Spencer are still fake married. Isn’t it great that we live in a country where two gay guys can’t get married, but two morally-vacant celebrities can fake a marriage for attention? (popbytes)

Good: Snooki was charged with being criminally annoying. Better: The judge basically called her an obnoxious whore. Best: The mayor of Newark even managed to get in a jab on Twitter. (Agent Bedhead)

Hey kids, what do you do when you see a mysterious toy pony standing around your elementary school? BLOW IT THE FUCK UP FUCK YEAH AMERICA! (Dlisted)

I have no idea what DragonCon is, but if these pictures are any indication, it’s sort of like gay pride for nerds. We’re here, we’re geeks, get used to it! Thanks dammitjanet! (io9)

Here are the seven best celebrity voice overs in commercials. Are you fucking kidding me? Kelsey Grammar was in a Cheerios commercial POST-Frasier? No shit. (Unreality)

Apparently, someone decided to invite Jessica Simpson to the finale of Project Runway, despite the fact that she dresses like your mom at the Church Fair on a regular basis. Oh well, she still has better style than Gretchen. (Celebslam)

The first shots of the Captain America costume are online, and ummmm… let’s just say that Captain is packing heat. Although does it really come as a surprise that a superhero would also have a supercock? (The Flickcast)

Awwww, good news for those who watch The Big Bang Theory: Jim Parsons just proposed to his boyfriend! Yes, boyfriend. As it turns out, Sheldon is gay. Who knew? (Celebitchy)

Ever wanted to totally trip balls while simultaneously cleaning your teeth? Well you’re in luck, because they’re now making absinthe toothpicks. Seriously. (Frothy Girlz)

Hey, know a great way to convince people to vote for you for a position of power? Scream at them all in a tone of voice that implies that you are mentally imbalanced and will probably murder everyone in the room! Thanks, Phil Davison! Glad to see that degree in communications is working out for you. Thanks Dustin!

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