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If Brian Prisco Reviews Only One Film This Year...

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | October 7, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | October 7, 2009 |

This is THE BEST THING EVER. And I mean that more than I’ve ever meant it when I say something is the best thing ever. Chevy Chase starred in a movie in 2004 called Karate Dog — as the titular character, natch. And Jon fucking Voight plays his nemesis. It’s times like these I would like to remind Chevy Chase of that assy T-shirt he used to wear that said “I’m Chevy Chase and You’re Not.” (Film Drunk)

With Ricky Gervais’ latest film tanking at the box office, here’s a six-pack of British comedians who sold their souls to Hollywood. (PW)

Mel Gibson was able to convince a judge to expunge his 2006 DUI conviction from his record. Congratulations, you’re still a skeevy asshole! (Superior Gossip)

Here’s a top ten list of the best currently working American directors. (Rope of Silicon)

Ooooh! The premiere of “South Park’s” thirteenth season is on tonight, in which they’ll be doing a Sixth Sense spoof. OK, so not that timely, but I’m sure it will still be hilarious. (Agent Bedhead)

And on a related note, here is a giant Kenny made out of cans. (UnrealityMag)

Disney is putting out a new Mickey Mouse video game which might be the greatest Mickey Mouse video game since the NES’s “Mickey Mousecapades.” Shut up, I freaking loved that game. (Topless Robot)

Apparently it’s that time of the week when we take a peek into the Harriet Carter catalog. (IBBB)

It’s a dreadfully slow news day, so I’m forced into posting about Kevin Federline trashing his rental home. On the plus side, at least we had Karate Dog. (Webster’s)

Here’s a round-up of cinema’s most fucked-up, villainous families. (Cinematical)

I kind of love this: Francis Bean Cobain wrote an open letter to Ali Lohan, sister of Lindsay Lohan. She’s surprisingly articulate despite her complete lack of knowledge on how to spell words right. (Celebitchy)

The people at — clearly beacons of social awareness — have named Don Draper as the most influential man of 2009. Nice work, fellas. (Warming Glow)

If someone handed me a personal pizza that was only four and a half inches in diameter I believe that I would punch that person in the face. (Impulsive Buy)

Who said it: Ghandi or Angelina? I seriously love it so hard that this quiz even exists in the first place. (mental floss)

I’m fairly certain that this artwork has been in some way altered, but wouldn’t it be great if Archie picked Jughead in the end? (DListed)

Behold, the awesomeness of the internet. Here’s a recut trailer for 2012 which showcases only the actors reaction shots and no special effects. Or as Steven Lloyd Wilson put it: “It’s basically a minute and a half John Cusack making an O-face.”

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