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Hollywood Just Skipped Right the Hell Over Ziggy

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | September 30, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | September 30, 2009 |

Huh, really. They’re really going ahead with this Marmaduke movie, aren’t they? They picked out a cast and everything. Do kids today even know what a “Marmaduke” even is? Hell, I barely remember what a Marmaduke is and I was born in the 70’s. (Film Drunk)

This list of the twenty-five best Whedon episodes (some complete with Hulu links to full eps!) makes me wants to break out my DVDs and stew in my own filth for the next day or so. Thanks, Christina! (Yahoo!)

Whoopi Goldberg had some opinions about Roman Polanski’s crime on yesterday’s episode of “The View.” And by “opinions” I mean somebody please kick this bitch in the vagina. (Warming Glow)

Felicia Day gives an interview regarding her geek goddess status and online web series, “The Guild” — coming to a DVD near you! Thanks to Arib! (Wired)

Wow, I didn’t think they could make me any more uninterested in the new “Focker” movie (Get it? Because it sounds like…) but then they went and cast Jessica Alba in it. (Gordon and the Whale)

Today’s link most likely to make you break out in fit of childish giggles is: “The top 25 funny google search suggestions!” (Holy Taco)

United States health care is a lot less depressing if you think of it as some kind of fun, competitive board game. (Naive’s Guide)

Good news, Amy Winehouse fans! It looks like she’s back in the studio recording. Oh, I’m sorry, I actually meant back in “some dude’s house” and “rambling incoherently into a camera.” (Webster’s)

User-generated clips of Christopher Nolan’s new movie Inception have been popping up online, so — with any luck — maybe you won’t even need to actually see the movie by the time it finally gets released. (Screen Junkies)

Wait, really? Mattel supposedly just started their first ever line of African American Barbie dolls. I swear I remember seeing black Barbies way back in the day. (Zelda Lily)

Scarlett Johansson complains about people speculating about her body image for a magazine interview in which her likeness appears extremely Photoshopped on the cover. (Celebitchy)

Anyone remember Katarina Witt? The popular German ice skater from the Olympics from back in the day? Well, um, time has been kind to her. (Superior Gossip)

Oooh, there’s nothing I love more then “Brady Bunch” scandals, so here are six secrets from the Brady vault. (mental floss)

Japan’s reimagining of “Sesame Street’s” favorite gay couple is probably the scariest thing I’ve seen on the internet since the trailer for Paranormal Activity:

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