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Holy Frijoles!

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | September 21, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | September 21, 2009 |

Oh, you know, it’s nothing but Emmys this and Emmys that this morning. So without further ado, here’s the best of the 2009 Emmys fashion. (Yeeeah!)

And because they are awesome, here is an entire post devoted to Christina Hendricks’ and her rack, which both respectively looked fantastic at the Emmys. (DListed)

For some reason Jay Leno brought Mel Gibson on his show, (I mean, has he even done anything lately?) and Mel’s still got it. And by “it” I mean the drunkies and crazies. (Celebitchy)

And in other drunkey has-been news, David Hasselhoff made another failed attempt at drinking himself to death this weekend. (Webster’s)

Here’s a first look at the A-Team van from the upcoming new A-Team movie, and you’ll be pleased to see that they didn’t 2009 it all up. (Atomic Popcorn)

Maybe Diablo Cody isn’t to blame for the failure of Jennifer’s Body. But she is to blame for stunt-casting that vapid hunk of breasts and cardboard to star in it. (Agent Bedhead)

It only took three shitty Pirates of the Caribbean movies for Johnny Depp to figure out that a fourth one might just be in poor taste. (Film Drunk)

In weird-ass music collaboration news: The Black Keys are producing a hip-hop album featuring Rza, Raekwon, Mos Def, Jim Jones, Pharoah Monch, Q-tip, Ludacris, ODB, Billy Danze of M.O.P., Noe and Nikki Wray. (TMITM)

Remember back in the quaint days of the 80’s, before myspace was invented, when sexual predators actually had to drive around in their cars to lure unsuspecting kids into their clutches? (FourFour)

The movie posters for Fantastic Mr. Fox have been released, and they’re quirky and adorable and are really making me excited about the movie. (Gordon and the Whale)

You’d think a fast food franchise that has menu items such as Diet Cherry Limeade and “Frito Pies” could do no wrong, but Sonic has failed to impress with its croissant/BLT sandwich. (Impulsive Buy)

It is just way too damn early in the day/week/month/year/whatever you want to say for Pokemon maxi pads. (Topless Robot)

It’s been awhile since I grossed you guys out with something “brain foot” or “flesh cheeto” related, so here’s a lady who had her tooth implanted in her eyeball. Because she was blind, obviously. (Zelda Lily)

If you think about it, in a society where birth control is so readily available and easy to procure, it’s kind of amazing that a website like this even exists. (WTFDYHAK)

This video is probably only going to be funny to the handful of you who saw the “Allison” episode of “Intervention,” about the chick who huffs computer duster:

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