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By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | September 18, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | September 18, 2009 |

Here’s a review of last night’s Philadelphia performance of “The Night Man Cometh” by the “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” cast — which also coincided with the Season Five premiere — and, well … Not to brag or anything, but I WAS TOTALLY THERE. Sorry, I’m still basking in the awesomeness of it all. (PW)

Related: Here are five items of merchandise FX should sell in their “It’s Always Sunny” official online store. (Holy Taco)

Paula Abdul did a spoof of Ellen DeGeneres on “VH1 Divas” last night, which might have been funny if it weren’t so excruciatingly pathetic and awkward. (Yeeeah!)

Reason #34556 why Andy Richter is awesome? Because the man does not fuck around when it comes to “Celebrity Jeopardy.” (Warming Glow)

Katherine Heigl released photos of her and her adopted daughter who she just got like, yesterday or something. See? She’s totally not an insufferable bitch. I mean, just look how cute they are! (Webster’s)

Nicolas Cage says he turned down The Green Hornet because it lacked humanity. OK. This from the guy whose acting is so wooden he makes Pinocchio look like a real boy. (Gordon and the Whale)

If you thought the current film landscape couldn’t get much worse, here are some sample movie posters for absolutely terrible prequel ideas. (Screen Junkies)

Oh, shut up Jennifer Love Hewitt. Fine, we get it. You’re in shape. Nobody fucking cares. (Popoholic)

Archeologists have found the bodies of 51 decapitated men in Dorset, which are speculated to be vikings. Personally, I think it was the work of super vikings. Thanks to Tarn! (BBC)

I don’t know if Jennifer’s Body is going to be any good or not (honestly, it looks like it could go either way) but Amanda Seyfried is already being touted as the real talent of the film. Well, uh, obviously. (Agent Bedhead)

Who do you think the best and worst action movie sidekicks are? (Cinematical)

Because NYC is the land of fuckbombs and honey, here’s a local reporter letting one slip on air. Watch the expression of the female co-anchor. Priceless. Thanks, SaBrina! (DListed) Update: Turns out Stewart was all over this one, as well.

With the probably terrible The Lost Symbol coming out, here are Dan Brown’s 20 worst sentences. (Telegraph UK)

Because Avril Lavigne is super annoying and I know you all secretly love to see her fail — her marriage to Deryck [sic] Whibley is over. Let’s all laugh at her. (Celebitchy)

By the way guys, just a quick reminder — Movie Club is on Tuesday, so don’t forget to watch Good Night, Good Luck!

Once when I was in like 10th grade, I was talking to a boy I liked and kept self-consciously running my hand through my hair and some catty bitch friend of mine told me I looked dumb and boys don’t like that. At the time I thought it was really mean, but maybe someone should tell Kristen Stewart the same:

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