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"Dollhouse" Casting News That Will Make You Squee in Your Naughty Places

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | September 16, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | September 16, 2009 |

SHUT THE FUCK UP. Summer Glau, Alexis Denisof and now Ray Wise are joining the cast of “Dollhouse?” I have to get caught up on Season One, STAT. (Topless Robot)

Because he was awesome and we all loved him, here are ten lines which showed that Patrick Swayze was the boss. (Spout)

Hey check it guys, I picked up a new gig writing reviews for The Impulsive Buy, one of my fave blogs and a frequent Pajiba Lover. (Impulsive Buy)

Since I know you all can’t can’t enough “Gossip Girl,” here’s a quiz to find out “Which Crappy Gossip Girl Character R U?” (Screen Junkies)

Anne Heche needs professional help parenting. Now how ‘bout that for the fucking understatement of the year? (Webster’s)

Jeremy Piven continues to hold strong his position of being the second most egomaniacal douchebag next to Kanye West. Egodouche? (Celebitchy)

Speaking of Kanye, and this is the last thing I’m gonna post on this — because quite frankly I’m all Kanyed out at this point — here’s an amusing tumblr page. Thanks, canaux! (Imma Let You Finish)

Oh HELL no. When snakes up and start growing legs and walking around, I am done. Do you hear me? D-O-N-E. (YBNBY)

Adult Swim is bringing back “The Office UK,” but before you get your knickers into a twist, they’re just reruning the old episodes, not making new ones. (Pop Candy)

A study of the largest and smallest peen sizes say that the biggest dicks are in Washington D.C. Does that come as a surprise to anyone? (DListed)

Ugh, Bono is still walking around with his shirt all open like he’s not sixty or whatever and the year is still 1985. (Agent Bedhead)

Here’s a piece rounding up the all-time greatest screen queens. (Rope of Silicon)

I previously did not know what a “soundboard” was for your iPhone, but MGM’s got ‘em, in delicious Army of Darkness and Silence of the Lambs flavors! (Gordon and the Whale)

This clip reinforces my long-held stance that cats are, well, stupid:

EMBED-Dumb Cat Can’t Figure Out How To Drink - Watch more free videos

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