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I Hate You All Thiiiiiiiiiis Much!

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | August 9, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | August 9, 2010 |

You can all blame Jack Shamama for sending me this one, but it’s official: They’re making a Human Centipede porn parody. Fuck it, I tried; I’m gonna go make a suicide now. See you all in hell! Obviously Kinda-NSFW since it’s about a movie called “The Human Sex-ipede”. (FleshArmy)

Remember how Naomi Campbell got blood diamonds from former Liberian leader Charles Taylor, but then said she never knew from whom or where they came from? Well, Mia Farrow pretty much came from out of nowhere and said that she’s a lying liar who tells lies. Guess who might be a war criminal? (Dlisted)

Say goodbye to any and all productivity you were hoping for today: Here’s a list of ever Sci-Fi reference in Futurama EVER. (UGO)

Good: Tila Tequila got two tickets while driving in her rented Lamborghini she claims she bought. Better: The entire time she was being ticketed, she was being videotaped and heckled. Best: Immediately after being ticketed, she ran a red light while still being videotaped. (popbytes)

Here’s a video of Justin Bieber getting pegged in his stupid hair helmet by a water bottle. BONUS: You can actually here the little “Thwack!” sound it makes on contact. Yes, I am evil. (Buzzfeed)

“Youtube Phenomenon” Fred Figglehorn (I actually barfed a bit typing that) is getting his own movie, and I honestly can’t decide if this is any better or worse than The Human Sex-ipede. (Film Drunk)

Okay, seriously: If you’re dumb enough to try and heckle Louis C.K., a man who’s job it is to make fun of stupid people, you deserve every bad thing he says about you. (Warming Glow)

What if I told you that a unisex perfume is in the works and will be out by Valentine’s Day? Well, what if I told you it was being made by the Kardashian who looks like a big slutty golumn? That’s what I thought. (Celebslam)

Snooki, America’s favourite drunken Oompa-Loompa, has decided to cut back on her drinking, and … hey, what are those four horsemen doing out in the yard? (Evil Beet)

Hey, remember how cool Kirby was? You know, little pink puffball that ate things and took their powers? Well, Chris Brown just ruined him by wearing Kirby bling. I hate you in the face Chris Brown. I hate you in the face. (Yeeeah!)

We all know by now that Lisa Simpson’s wedding was last week, but take a look at the 11 things that The Simpsons got right about 2010. (11Points)

And finally, here’s a very important video from Allie Brosh about the dangers of cats. Seriously, cats are evil and they will FUCK YOUR SHIT UP.

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