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Yes Yes, Very Nice, But Where Are the Hats Like A Shark's Fin?

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | July 9, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | July 9, 2010 |

So during Poland’s time as a Communist Countries, the country wasn’t allowed to use promotional art from the film, so they basically had to make their own. As far as stupid movie promotional shit goes, it still pales in comparison to that dumbass LL Cool J song from Deep Blue Sea. Thanks, Figgy! (CNN)

Dear Ladies and like-minded Gays: Here’s a two and a half minute video of Alex Skarsgard half-naked, drunk, and grinding against another equally drunk and naked guy. You’re welcome. (Celebitchy)

Just in case you were thinking that Lindsay Lohan’s life couldn’t get sadder, her lawyer just quit and now she’s pretty much taking counsel with her two failures as parents. (Celebslam)

So Glamour Magazine decided that women need their own sex-lingo, because real women would NEVER eat someone out or have anal. Christ … Hey Jezebel, look! ACTUAL misogyny! (Zelda Lily)

Oh look, someone covered their entire toilet with panels from X-Men #1. I guess Brett Ratner isn’t the only one taking a giant shit all over the X-Men franchise, huh? … Yeah, I kinda want this. (Gamma Squad)

Do you know how long it’s been since my last Futurama link? TOO FUCKING LONG! So here’s one featuring a whole bunch of reimagined characters because I can. (Unreality)

The guys at 4Chan tried to hijack an online contest to send Justin Bieber to North Korea, but whoops! Jokes on them because the contest was completely fake. That tiny “phew” you just heard was the sound of everyone in North Korea breathing a sigh of relief. (popbytes)

Sarah Palin released a video pretty much outright stating that she’s going to be running for office in 2012. Yes, because why not let governor who quit halfway through her term become president? (BWE)

KFC finally got around to putting a fucking bun on those Doubledown things, and apparently they’re not half-bad now. Personally, as someone who made one of these at home, NEVER AGAIN. (The Impulsive Buy)

So someone actually snuck into In-N-Out Burger to watch how they make their burgers. For the record, I am in no way bitter that I live in the North-East and cannot eat their delicious burgers. Nope. Not bitter at all. (Buzzfeed)

Okay, Julie’s been in full Deep Blue Sea mode on Facebook for a while now, which has sparked my obsession with the movie all over again. because of that, here’s the aforementioned LL Cool J Song about hats that resembles a shark’s fin.

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