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Do You Realize...That It's Not Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots?

By Drew Morton | Pajiba Love | September 3, 2009 |

By Drew Morton | Pajiba Love | September 3, 2009 |

The Flaming Lips have released three tracks from their upcoming double-album, Embryotic, through the iTunes store. (Flaming Lips)

And, in slightly lesser music news, Michael Jackson’s Captain EO has returned to Disneyland! (The Playlist)

Want to hear a verbally dexterous British-born Australian review the latest video game? My favorite video game critic, Ben “Zero Punctuation” Croshaw, reviews Tales of Monkey Island this week at The Escapist. (The Escapist)

While running the press circuit for his upcoming film The Informant, Steven Soderbergh was recently interviewed about his involvement on the failed adaptation of Moneyball and his other forthcoming projects. (Orlando Sentinel)

Want to watch a featurette on Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox? Head on over to Film School Rejects. (Film School Rejects)

The Matthew Vaughn helmed film adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic book Kick-Ass finally has a release date. (Variety)

Nic Cage, who co-stars in Kick-Ass, is in negotiations to join the currently expanding cast of The Green Hornet. (IGN)

With the lukewarm response to the Avatar preview, what does the future of Hollywood and 3-D really look like? Film scholar Kristin Thompson has some ideas. (David Bordwell)

Roger Ebert’s editor, Jim Emerson, has posted a thoughtful analysis and response to the controversy over the “real” meaning of Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds. (Scanners)

Continuing with our film criticism trend, the Library of America’s complete collection of the late Manny Farber’s criticism will be hitting bookshelves in October. (Amazon)

To any interested Los Angeles area Pajiba readers, the American Cinematheque’s Stanley Kubrick retrospective just added a special guest. Malcolm McDowell (Alex DeLarge) will be attending the screening of A Clockwork Orange. (American Cinematheque)

Could FOX’s mishandled Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles be coming back? (The TV Addict)

While we’re on the topic of media conglomerates, I’ll leave you with this:

Your Studio and You by Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

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