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Snuggie Sex?

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | August 28, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | August 28, 2009 |

Because it’s Friday and I know you guys are all full of beans and want to giggle about something totally fun and immature, here is the official Snuggie Sutra. Via YBNBY! (Snuggie Sutra)

Joe Francis, who makes me want to fucking vomit even when he’s not beating up girls, beat up a girl last night. I think a bit of vomit just trickled out of my ear. (Webster’s)

SPOILER DESSERT! Here’s more shit that’s gonna happen on “The Office.” This scene is totally gonna make me bawl, isn’t it? (Warming Glow)

What if Franklin from “Arrested Development” was a murderous, misogynistic puppet from hell? Well, then, you’d have the most offensive movie ever made. Basically, it’s like Pookie in doll form. (Four Four)

Behold, Jennifer Tilly’s rack. For it is a thing of wonder and beauty. (Superior Gossip)

Dan Carlson posted this on facebook yesterday, and I spent a good twenty minutes cackling over it. See? This is what we’re all missing out on by boycotting Wal-Mart like the bunch of liberal hipster snobs we are. Update: Site appears to be dead. DAAAMN YOU, WAL-MART!!!!! (People of Walmart)

This sadly didn’t really happen, but some tabloid is reporting that a monkey attacked Jason Biggs while he was on vacation and tried to “bite his face off.” Hey, at least they win points for awesomeness and creativity. (Film Drunk)

And in other news of tabloids making shit up, the UK’s Sun reported that Megan Fox was in talks to play Catwoman in the next Batman movie. Yeah … We’re glad this one’s not true. (Topless Robot)

HOLY SHIT. Are you guys also reeling about that woman who was rescued after being kept in a backyard for 18 years? (Jezebel)

I don’t watch Lost, (I know, I know) but here is a cool Saul Bass vintage-style poster print based on … Something about the show. I don’t know. Sorry, that wasn’t a very good link caption. And, it’s sold out. But thanks to NJ, anyway! (That and Basket Weaving)

Words like these are exactly why I love Urban Dictionary. (Agent Bedhead)

For anyone who cares about such things, here are promotional pictures of Dakota Fanning and some of the other turds from Twilight: New Moon. (Gordon and the Whale)

I can’t believe I haven’t linked this yet, but a few weeks ago our resident gay pornstar Jeremy Feist started a cooking blog, and it’s kind of totally adorable. Somewhat NSFW. (Pornstar in the Kitchen)

On a final note, I’m going on a much-needed vacation next week, because sitting around in my pajamas blogging all day is hard work, dammit. So Agent Bedhead and Drew Morton are going to take care of you in my leave. Be good to them, because if you don’t you’re getting nothing but links about brain feet and eyeball gouging when I get back. Edited to add: Oh, and Flesh Cheetos too. Can’t forget about them.

Finally, I think this might be the funniest Hilter movie spoof ever. Via Screen Junkies, here is Hitler Hates the Avatar Footage:

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