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August 17, 2008 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | August 17, 2008 |

Pajiba Love

Holy crap, I’m officially Team Suri now. In fact, I want to steal her and raise her as my own. Can I get in trouble for saying that? (Evil Beet)

I think I smell a new blog coming! “White Stuff Kayne West Likes.” (WIMB)

And on a not totally unrelated note, white people love: Self Aware Hip Hop References. Fo’ shizzle. (SWPL)

Well, I personally think it’s about damn time we made ugly interior design against the law. (QuizLaw)

The always wonderful (and completely adorable) Jerms is going to let us pay him to strip down to his underpants. Oh, come on, it’s for cancer! (NotesOnBarNapkins)

Isaac Hayes and Bernie mac were both honored in memorial services over the weekend in Memphis and Chicago, respectively. (Celebitchy) & (NY Times)

These will make you feel less bad about that stupid tribal band you got when you were 19. Right TK? Hee hee! (cityrag)

In blog gossip, Dustin — who knows celebrity gossip about as well as I know “The Sopranos” — has quietly stepped down over on WIMB, but he has taken up the good fight against a familiar foe: Zombie America. (Zombie Forecast)

Your Amazon Gold-Box Pick of the Day, compliments of Galley Slaves. (Amazon)

Well, on the plus side, these don’t make me want to drink milk any less than those Miley Cyrus jizz-mustache ads. (Agent Bedhead)

J Lo fancies is totally a more important athlete than Michael Phelps. I mean, did Michael Phelps come from “the block?” Didn’t think so! (Yeeeah!)

Ooh! Ooh! I’ve got one! “Dear Avril, Eat Shit and Die. *heart* Stacey.” (MiTM)

Boxed wine: it’s not just for college students, poor people and alcoholics anymore! OK, OK… It’s still for alcoholics. (mental floss)

Did you know that the earthworm is a hermaphrodite? So if you tell an earthworm to go fuck itself, it might, y’know, do it. (AnimalReview)

After the jump, Teen Wolf remastered and edited down to just under eight minutes. Enjoy!

Pajiba Love | August 17, 2008 |

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