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You Do Realize You're Basically A Professional Bully, Right?

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | October 8, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | October 8, 2010 |

In the wake of Tyler Clementi’s death, Chez Pazienza takes a look at how our culture of zero-privacy played a roll in his death. While there are a few things I disagree with (no offense, but anyone who hasn’t been subjected to anti-gay bullying really can’t understand it), I do agree that we need to establish what is and isn’t open for the public. Also, Perez Hilton is a despicable hypocrite and I want him to stick his dick in a blender. (Deus Ex Malcontent)

Alright, so today’s quiz is about mixing dog breeds and the resulting names, and let me just say that today’s quiz is completely un-fucking-winnable. Unless you happen to have a book of mutt names lying around, or you’re fast on google, you are fucked. (Litely Salted)

So Tila Tequila tried to file an injunction against that “sex tape” that “leaked” to various porn companies, only to be told by the judge that she’s a whore and that she probably leaked it herself. It’s official people: Tila Tequila is legally a famewhore. (popbytes)

Do your kids love Dora The Explorer? Well, get ready for their dreams to be crushed, because the voice of Dora is suing Nickelodeon for allegedly exploiting her. Ugh, you see people? This is what happens when you don’t say “Swiper, no swiping!” three times. (Celebitchy)

Good news, everyone! Sons of Anarchy has been renewed for another season, and is currently FX’s highest rated show! This calls for bodyshots. Why? Because I say so. (Warming Glow)

Awwww, poor Ryan Reynolds got stuck out in the rain with a flat tire, and he had no idea how to change it. *Frowny Face* It’s okay Ryan, we still love you. Now take off your shirt and recite The Green Lantern Oath. No no no… Slowly… (Celebslam)

Shockingly, Ozzy Osbourne really isn’t too keen on the WBC using his songs for their hateful protests. Now, when the King of fucking Darkness thinks that you’re batshit crazy and completely evil, you are doing something wrong. (Towleroad)

Hmmm, well this sucks several kinds of cocks: perceptions of race relations between blacks and whites are declining. Wait, you’re telling me there might be a downside to all of this blatant race baiting? No way. (AngryBlackLadyChronicles)

I’m still undecided about Monopoly: On one hand, I mean it is fun, but on the other, it sort of loses some of it’s freshness after the first half hour and these games usually take up the better part of a day. That being said, this version based on The Wire might actually be more interesting. Thanks Lauren! (The Poke)

So a nine-year-old girl in London wrote Captain Jack Sparrow a letter asking him to help her class mutiny against her teacher, so Johnny Depp came over to her school in full costume to talk with her class. Sure, the new Pirates Of The Carribean movie probably won’t be that great, but Johnny Depp is still a sweetheart. (Agent Bedhead)

Alright guys, let’s play a game of “How many things wrong can you find with this sentence?” Alright, let’s start: Mike Myers will star as the voice of a CGI Pepe Le Pew in a live-action movie. Okay, so how many things wrong did you find? (Film Drunk)

AAAAAAAAAAH! Dude, holy shit, if you thought Teddy Ruxpin was the most terrifying teddy bear ever (oh fuck you, Teddy Ruxpin was several kinds of horrifying), then DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK. (Gamma Squad)

Oh look, Brett Favre took some cell phone dick-pics to get into a sports reporter’s pants, and… Oh come on, if you can’t figure out how this ends, there’s really no hope for you here. Link NSFW, but in all honesty, it’s nothing all that special. I mean, I wouldn’t throw him out of bed for eating crackers, but still… meh. (Dlisted)

Alright, it’s Friday, and this weekend is not only Canadian Thanksgiving (which I get two of. Thanks, divorced parents!), but I also have three birthdays, AND it’s a seven hour bus ride between Toronto and Montreal. Therefore, you get this video of a baby French bulldog learning how to play fetch. Yeah, the line of thinking doesn’t make much sense to me either.

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