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Real Vampires Kick Ass and Get Laid

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | August 10, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | August 10, 2009 |

Someone finally asked Joss Whedon who he thinks would win in a fight between Edward Cullen and Angel, and he answered as graciously as possible — well, assuming that Angel would kick that sparkly fairy’s motherloving ass. Obviously. (Webster’s)

As you’ve probably heard by now, Billy Mays loved him some blow. And here this whole time I thought he was naturally like that. (Yeeeah!)

It’s inconceivable for me to imagine the John Hughes era of film as “the olden days” and not just as something that’s a common ground which everyone still has universally experienced. (NY Times)

And while I’m at it, here’s a great tribute to The Breakfast Club. (Gordon and the Whale)

Science has proven that winos are having better sex. Well, not that I would know or anything, but duh. (Zelda Lily)

Oh, what a shocker. It turns out the guy behind the idea of making movies out of Candyland and Monopoly is a “geyser of stupid.” (Film Drunk)

What’s this now? Even the President of mothereffing NBC is slamming Katherine Heigl now? Jeez, even I’m starting to feel kind of sorry for her. (Celebitchy)

The trailer for the new Guitar Hero: Van Halen pretty definitively answers who the best lead singer was: David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar. (The Flickcast)

No. There isn’t a Dark Crystal 3D CGI remake in the works. But yes: There is a sequel in development. (Reelloop)

Elizabeth Hasselbeck popped out a baby or some crap, and not that any of you watch “the View” or anything (do you?) here are some horrifying possible replacements while she’s on maternity leave. (Jezebel)

Since some of you complain that Pajiba Love is a little too “vaginaey” sometimes, here’s a little testosterone for ya. (Boobs and Explosions)

One of the greatest things about being a kid were toys that actually served as weaponry that you could effectively whale on your younger siblings and/or neighbors with. (Topless Robot)

Here are some little-known facts about IKEA, which as 10% of Europeans were conceived on a IKEA bed. Well I know people aren’t sleeping on those uncomfortable-as-shit mattresses. (mental floss)

Since so many of you loved my “Duck Tales” clip on Friday, here’s a retooling on the “Full House” intro. I think I like it better this way:

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