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August 1, 2008 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | August 1, 2008 |

Pajiba Love

Scuze me while I dance a Friday jig of gloatibration! Tom Cruise is getting sued everybody! Huzzah! (IDLYITW)

Alicia Silverstone pops her head out of obscurity to look like a total scrub before going inevitably back to obscurity. (WIMB)

Crazy old man Ron Paul remembers how back in his day, they didn’t even have toys — kids just played with actual hunks of pure lead. (Liberal Avenger)

Oh, I kid, I kid, resident Libertarians poised to give me shit. Anyway, we all know the real evil here is still Captain Shriveled Dick. (QuizLaw)

Hancock film marquees continue to provide unintentional hilarity. (AgentBedhead)

A few of you sent me a head’s up about the crazy Greyhound bus killing. For once I’m at a loss of words; this is straight up out of a horror movie right here. (Salon)

Gack. And on that note, “flesh” Crayons and other colors which have been fired over the years. (mental floss)

Robin Williams estranged wife has dirty secrets on him. Oh, please please please please God, make this divorce messy! (Celebitchy)

Here is an idea worthy of our own resident Boozehound. (SeriousEats)

The influences and influencees (?) for The Strangers in 1998’s Dark City are some of my favorite large and small screen villains. (Film Experience)

Maybe yesterday’s mystery animal, which garnered a fair amount of nay-saying, was really just a failed experiment for a new Mariah Carey video. (Animal Review)

Amanda Bynes goes for a jog. Seriously, this is kind of a slow news day. (Popoholic)

Yikes. I would not feed any of this to my dogs. (GalleryoftheAbsurd)

Really, Clander? No updates in how long and you’re going to start off with Facebook?! Alright, it’s pretty funny to compare myspace to Detroit. I’ll give him that. (SWPL)

Hey guys, in lieu of our usual clip, we’re starting a new feature today. In partnership with the new free, independent film-viewing site SnagFilms, I’m going to start actually sticking movies in your PL on Fridays. How does that sound? Our first feature, Red Without Blue is waiting for you after the jump.

Pajiba Love | August 1, 2008 |

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