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Death Bed ... It's the Bed That Eats!

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | July 16, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | July 16, 2009 |

Here’s a clip from the forgotten classic, 1977’s Deathbed, which was momentarily made less forgotten by Patton Oswalt using it in one of his bits. (Film Drunk)

Us Weekly got their hands on the footage of Michael Jackson’ hair catching on fire. You know, this is the sort of thing I would expect from TMZ, but Us? For shame. (Webster’s)

Esquire sent an interviewer who had never heard of Gerard Butler to interview Gerard Butler. I’d like to see them pull that crap on Christian Bale. (Agent Bedhead)

I had no idea so many films had five sequels of notable quality, but here are the ten best sixth installments of film franchises. (Spout)

After the positive feedback from yesterday’s “Supernatural” linkage, here is a ridiculously adorable kitten with two friends named “Dean Bearchester” and “Sammie the Lambie.” Thanks, Kathleen! (XOXO, Erin)

Because you don’t really want your kids to put their Guinea Pig in the toilet, here are the top five rejected toys from Disney’s G-Force. (Screen Junkies)

Speculation is swirling about a Mr. and Mrs. Smith sequel. Wouldn’t it be hilariously ironic if they actually split up while filming this one? (Celebitchy)

Celebrity wax figures are creepy enough to begin with, but here are celebrity wax figures gone horribly wrong. (Frothy Girlz)

I like the idea of gummy vitamins, except for the part where I would eat the entire jar in one sitting and then overdose on vitamins. (Impulsive Buy)

Finally, someone attempts to answer the age-old question, “Which is better: Zombies or vampires?” (Notes on Bar Napkins)

Oh. My. God. Gross. If you don’t enjoy gross-out tampon stories, (but really, who doesn’t?) I suggest you just steer clear of this link. (Zelda Lily)

These are hilarious. Here are some mostly safe for work (except for language) awesomely terrible examples or porn acting. (Holy Taco)

Did you know Brad Pitt had a role on “Dallas?” Here are some other early TV appearances of big stars. One time I saw Christopher Walken on an episode of “Hawaii 5-0.” That was awesome. (mental floss)

And now, here is Alicia Silverstone and Alanis Morissette in My Mother’s Red Hat. Seriously, how much do you love them?

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