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July 16, 2008 |

By TK Burton | Pajiba Love | July 16, 2008 |

Pajiba Love

Let’s talk about some of the good before I pile the dogshit on you. How about a damn good piece on veteran character actor Larry Miller? You’re welcome. (The Onion)

Mmm… tree porn. That’s right, you dirty little oak. Touch my bark. What? Was that weird? (CityRag)

Karl Rove: Master wordsmith or Lucifer incarnate? I’m going with number two, but I suppose we’ll have to wait for the book. No, fuck that… Lucifer incarnate. (Quizlaw)

Look, before you Pajibettes get all rowdy and irate about linking to pictures of her — I get it, OK? I totally get why you hate her. I kind of hate her, too. But we are helpless, and cannot resist her slutty, hooker-hot wiles. Fellas, am I right or am I right? Plus, with that Star Wars shirt? E-fucking-gads. (Popoholic)

Here, this should make up for it (WIMB). Or if that’s not your particular piece of crumbcake, how about this? (WIMB)

What the hell, I like to pull the rug out now and again. So here we go, ruining what little goodwill I may have garnered so far. The Hulkster just got creepier. (IDLYITW)

In case anyone was wondering what it’s like to work with me. (Overheard in the Office)

My dear friends, I give you… Tucker Max in 15 years! (The Phat Phree)

Alright, Jossketeers. The first episode of Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is up and running (H/T to reader/commenter cockroach). Git to watching, you devourers of all things Whedon. I said GIT! (Dr. Horrible)

Fuck it. Stacey’s not here, so I’m breaking the embargo. People need to be warned, damn it! THE END IS NIGH, YOU BASTARDS! Why doesn’t anyone listen to me? (Cele|bitchy)

For your viewing pleasure, two more things that may provide a glimpse into my psyche: a love of destroying things, and my seething envy of iPhone owners. I particularly love the part where it belches thick, black smoke (via College Humor). After the jump.

Pajiba Love | July 16, 2008 |

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