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A Lesson in Sex Tape Etiquette

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | July 14, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | July 14, 2009 |

From our own resident porn star, here’s a handy guide of do’s and don’ts for making your own sex tape. Any amateur home video stars out there have anything to add? (Notes On Bar Napkins)

Katherine Heigl has a “problem” with the authenticity of romantic comedies. That’s like a blow-up doll manufacturer having a problem with sex with plastic women not feeling “real” enough. (Webster’s)

Christian Bale is playing a crackhead in his new film, and I think he’s taking it a little too seriously — as we all know he’s apt to do. Gross. (Celebitchy)

I’m not a big Star Wars fan, but some of you nerds out there will probably get a kick out of this “Tauntaun” sleeping bag. Thanks to Yossarian! (Think Geek)

Here’s a really cool flickr page with movie titles illustrated as vintage childrens’ book covers. Thanks, replica! (Flickr)

Here are the 15 top “magic babes” from TV and movies, who can make you fall for them before flaying your skin from your body. Kidding, Willow Rosenberg isn’t on the list. (Screen Junkies)

God explains the recent string of sudden and not-so-sudden celebrity deaths. (KSK)

Wonder what “Lamar” from Revenge of the Nerds is up to these days? Ehh, I’d probably rather see what Booger is up to, but sure, why not. (Heeb)

We’ve all got that annoying-ass person on Facebook who friended us and now we all have to deal with their insipid and retarded comments and status updates but feel guilty deleting them, right? Well now, revenge can be ours! (lamebook)

What are the deadliest, most fuck-your-shit-uppiest movie monsters of all time? (Film School Rejects)

I really have to give props to the writers at The Impulsive Buy, because this product essentially looks like a cow pie on a bun. (Impulsive Buy)

What?! Holly Madison and the Travelocity gnome? Well, he probably gives better head than an octogenarian, anyway, so I guess it makes sense. (Agent Bedhead)

I have to admit, I actually got a wolf T-shirt from a thrift store to wear ironically. I guess that makes me a hipster. At any rate, here are the next possible generation of ironic animal T-shirts. (Holy Taco)

So this is kind of amazing: Who knew the Sham-Wow dude was secretly such a lyrical genius? Thanks to Jiffyzen for the head’s up!

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