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July 11, 2008 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | July 11, 2008 |

Pajiba Love

Maggie Gyllenhaal stars in Big II: Bride of the Zoltar Machine. (WIMB) Jack Black, on the other hand, stars in Creepy Dude Who Will Break Into Your Home and Dance For You. (QuizLaw)

Even though it’s kind of been covered ad nauseum at this point, our resident new media expert gives his take on the latest Gawker shitstorm. (Deus Ex Malcontent)

Katie Holmes doesn’t want the stank of commoner children to get anywhere near her precious Suri. (Celebitchy)

Hayden Panettiere is well on the road to being a teenage divorcée. (Celebslam)

Because I know how much you guys love tattoo-related posts — Alex the Odd helpfully gives us a complete rundown of tattoo news. (Ink&Apples)

Wha? A story detailing complete fucking hypocrisy by a high-profile member of PETA? You don’t see that everyday. Oh wait, except you totally do. (Yeeeah!)

There’s a zombie in my garden! There’s a zombie in my garden! (HolyTaco)

Yeah, so this pictorial is pretty effing amazing. How about I just go ahead and let Jonathan preface it for you? (GalleySlaves)

Our old friend NMN is back, and he’s got some chocolate salty balls for Jesse Jackson. (NMN)

Halloween comes early for Amy Winehouse. Spoiler alert: her costume is actually just a Budweiser box. (WIMB)

This broke yesterday, but if you haven’t heard yet: Iran’s attempt to pwn us results in epic fail. (Robotzilla)

I haven’t seen Jurassic Park in years, but didn’t that spitting dinosaur thingie that ate Newman kind of make a noise like this? (FourFour)

Hat tip to Agent Bedhead, (who shares my enthusiasm for all things McConaughey) for today’s hilarium clip: after the jump.

Pajiba Love | July 11, 2008 |

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