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Find Out What Happens When Pajibans Stop Being Nice, And Start Being Drunk

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | September 7, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | September 7, 2010 |

So Replica decided to create a Sim universe where Pajibans live together in peace and harmony drunken sex and pie, and look! The first episode is up! For the record though, my French SUCKS. But that’s what happens when you grow up in Montreal. Anyway, just remember: to get the full experience, you have to open the slideshow to full screen. (Pajibaville)

I am so sorry. Here’s a two minute mash-up consisting of every iconic movie fart ever put to celluloid. WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE?! *Thunder Bolt* (Film Drunk)

Dustin, our overlord softie with a thing for romantic comedies, has a romcom quiz up over on LitelySalted today. (Name that Romantic Comedy)

So Ask Men decided to put together a list of ways you can playfully tease women, and surprise! It’s awful advice and you really should never ask men, because they’re dumb. And just so you know: My last boyfriend tried all of these on me. I dumped him. Draw your own conclusions. (Zelda Lily)

So Kanye West went ahead and finally apologized to Taylor Swift on Twitter for crashing her acceptance speech, and surprise! He still managed to sound like a huge asshole. Oh Kanye, you couldn’t have missed the point any more if you were blindfolded. And facing the opposite direction of the point. And the point was in another country. (popbytes)

Here are 17 images you won’t believe aren’t photoshopped. Just as a general rule here, but it might be for the best if you guys don’t look at this while tripping balls. Although it is the day after Labour Day (TIME AND A HALF, BITCHES!) so wing it if you want to. (Cracked)

Good news, everyone! Jay Leno and his stupid crescent-moon-looking face just had his worst summer ratings ever! Mind you, he’s still beating Letterman, but still, HAHA! Eat all the dicks, Leno. (Warming Glow)

I’ve joked about this before, but Lady Gaga has finally done it: She actually fucking posed in a swimsuit made entirely out of raw meat. Doesn’t she know how dangerous that is? She probably tainted that poor meat. (Evil Beet)

Oh look, the guy who made Facebook (and to a lesser extent, those fucking awful trailers for The Social Network. I WILL SUPERMURDER YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY IF I SEE IT AGAIN!) is getting sued again and now he’s complaining about his privacy. If irony were strawberries, we’d all be drinking a lot of smoothies right now. (Gamma Squad)

This just in: James Franco likes to jack off. A lot. He will jack it until he can’t jack it no more, and you’re already half way to your bunks, aren’t you? (Dlisted)

This just in: Miley Cyrus stole my dance moves! That bitch! Do you have any idea how long it took to perfect “the marionette”? (Yeeeah!)

Ooooo, yay! The entire opening for Epic Mickey is now online, and so help me God if they don’t throw us Kingdom Hearts fans a freaking bone here, someone is getting a Keyblade up their fucking rectum. (Topless Robot)

And speaking of Disney being super dickish: Pixar just released concept artwork from their cancelled project Newt, and all I can say is… REALLY? You tossed this movie to make fucking Cars 2? (Cinematical)

I have three words for you: ORANGE. CHIFFON. CAKE. I just chewed off a corner of my laptop trying to get to the delicious cake on the other side of the screen. (Godtopus Eats)

What happens when you put Ben Folds, Nick Hornby and Pomplamoose together all in one video? You prove that God exists.

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